Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds. -John F. Kennedy
How true!
I never realized it until someone asked me about Music and Mp3's and all that...
I always like to listen to good, soft music,especially when I wanna read books before bedtime.
BUT I never indulge in knowing all those stuff...
ALL I have is the old-style CD player I bought several years ago....
and that small one which I passed on to " I" when she was infanticipating...
[for her unborn Baby to listen to Mozart...for brain stimulation daw!]
Other than that, I never particularly invested time and money
in anything that pertains to that.
I felt totally ignoramus about all these stuff when asked by a kamag-anak.....
I guess all these stuff and many more proves
that we cannot have domination about everything!
>>>>Not that I am perfect in some other areas,
but that I feel no one amongst us can truly claimthat we know all!
I don't!
More so with Computers and the IT!
I am so BOBO at it
I have to ask others for stuff like avatars ad infinitum!
I never even knew how to resize pictures!
Someone offered to resize them, but I refused....
Tinkering with my PC a few days later,
I found that I have a resizer right here IN my computer!
Being ignorant of all these things,
I lost all my data: pictures I cherished and some other things
I wanted to keep while away on vacation.
Sayang talaga!
I am still learning....and mind you,
I wanna learn as many things possible.
BUT sometimes, in the process called LIFE,
we cannot accomodate everything we wanna say and doin a jiffy.
So bear with me and allow me to do things
my way....
in my time....

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