Tuesday, February 14, 2006


SPRING is just around the corner
but February is still very much around....
Oh well, I'm mumbling again!
You see, it's a contradiction of sorts.
Spring means another season,
but then February is considered the coldest month of the year.
It's the time when snow melts down and
the breeze it brings make the wind colder and chillier.
Got the picture?
Roger that!
Yesterday it was so hot,
I had to open the windows of my car as I drove to work.
I was blaming myself for not monitoring
the weather update the night before.
I wore a cashmere over my inner!
Goodness gracious!
Is it LOVE that made the day that hot?
I wonder....
Yeah, that's it!
It was the heat from all those who are madly in Love
that made the world go reeling in hot air around FUJI-san
and its surround....
Late afternoon, it was cool.
Rainshowers greeted me as I stepped out of the building
towards my car.
Being the good girl that I am,
I went home straight
to find it dim and lonely.
Lolo has not come home yet
and I thought,I'd spend dinner
ALONE again,
Oh well....
this is my world:
got to LOVE IT

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