Friday, February 10, 2006


I overslept and failed to watch the Live telecast of the
Opening Ceremonyof the TORINO[TURIN] Winter Olympics.
It was supposed to be beamed Live via Satellite at 4 AM [jp] time here...
I woke up around 7!
Quite unusual, ei?
Late telecasts gave glimpses of fantastic colors and revelry.
It allowed viewers to takea peek at the enthusiasm of the athletes and the people of Torino.
It also took note of some who demostrated
against what they say the commercialism of the said Games.
I have always watched Winter Games every year.....
perhaps because of the knowledge that I cannot excel in such sports.
It is amazing to watch athletes like Okazaki who is in her early thirties [is she 34?],
yet proved to be as strong a competitor as athletes ten years her junior.
She expounded her views poetically when asked what she thinks:
"I'd like to see the flowers bloom as I tackle the Game ahead of all others."
Yeah, I'd like to see her win and it wouldn't be bad to root for her, would it?
I wanna see ANDO- and ARAKAWA-Senshu
show their skills in the ice rink in the FIGURE-SKATING Competition.
I never miss this competition, even the local ones....
I love to see how gracefully each contestant show their skill as they twirl and spin on their skates.
Then there is the CROSS-COUNTRY, the MOGUL Jump,.......
And lots more!
The Medal-race has begun and it would be fun to cheer for athletes I find great.....
Come and be with me,as I watch the Games...........
Now, let the Games begin!
Buon Giorno Mia Cara,Bambina,.......

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