Friday, February 10, 2006

LOTUS ROOTS:an unusual dish

Unusual, I must say, since I don't find them in the Land of my Birth.
LOTUS ROOTs are called RENKON in Japanese.
They thrive underwater and harvested in mid-December and early January.
They are peeled and cut crosswise to produce the circles
that makes me think of a four-leaf clover.
It is colored white inside.
The other year's summer, farm production was damaged by unusually cool weather,
but last summer was dry and hot, resulting in a normal harvest.
Sinking to their waists in mud,
farmers dig out lotus roots by hand
and clean the muddy roots using water from wells.
It is said people can see the future through the holes in the vegetable.
Therefore, lotus roots are popular in New Year's dishes
as it is believed that the vegetable will bring good fortune
to those who eat it.
The lotus root harvest season reached its peak in mid-December
in time for the New Year's holidays.

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