Tuesday, February 14, 2006


"IMAGINE all those people, living life in Peace
.....John Lennon made waves as he sang this song.
The message is the song and
the song is the singer,
...or is it the other way 'round?
Whichever way we look at it,
"Different Folks, Different Strokes"
so they say....
But it all boils into one:that of PEACE and HARMONY.
The Japanese WA means a lot of things:
it may mean HARMONY, UNITY,
or the SUM TOTAL.
On the other hand
it can also mean a CIRCLE, a LOOP, or a LINK.
It is close to the word PEACE in the western world,
and an important factor in any
Company, Group or Family.
How I wish we have this everyday.
If only people live in UNITY and discard WAR,
then every word in the song can be a reality
rather than a mere DREAM.
The 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italia,
has made the assembly of people from all walks of life possible.
There, one of the songs I heard was "Imagine"
after a special message delivered by JL's widow, YokoOno.
NoKor and SoKor boasts of parading side byside during the Opening Ceremony.
I wonder if they can sit together and talk to stop the nuclear armaments
being built by the North,
and send back all the Japanese, SouthKoreans andThai abductees
to their respective nations.
I can just imagine the jubilation of their next of kins
and their countrymen.
Imagine: is that all there is to it?
Can we not make this imagination extend to reality ASAP?
What does it take to have PEACE?
Do we have wait for two more decades before we achieve PEACE?
It is possible that by then, the world will be naught.
But then who cares? [sigh*!]
Oh well, just IMAGINE!

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