Friday, February 24, 2006


TODAY is the 20th Anniversary of EDSA 1,
that Peaceful People Power 'Revolution' that sent Marcos and his cohorts,
including Imelda of the three thousand shoes fame,
packing and huffing aboard a US helicopter away from it all.
I remember an old classmate-friend of my Father
who sent us a Telegram congratulating us for a wonderful bloodless revolution
that ousted a dictator.
Other friends and Companies where Tatay once
had business connections called us, too.
I remember that clearly now.....
my Father was in MManila at that time.
Crowds gathered at UP: old Professors and young students gathered.
Together they marched towards EDSA
and stayed there for the rest of
the day.
Helicopters hovered on the air,
and fear filled the air.
Some shouted that the crowds may be hit
from atop.
Some brought radios and
people listened.
Runners kept the crowd abreast of what's happening
at the other end.
Vans with sandwiches and drinks
were free and people became strangers no more.
The feeling of oneness was there.
It was atime when the BAYANIHAN Spirit
was working.
ALL for one purpose:
To OUST a dictator.
..... what do we have lately ?
Arrests justified as part of a 'coup-d-etat' plan
supposedly to oust Ate Glue from her entrenchment by the Pasig!
Even Randy David, an activist-lawyer and the
top brass of the Army and the PNP were nabbed.....
While I do not condone the part that some TraPos are 'using' the masses
for their own political end,
I abhor the use of force to intimidate the people from saying
what they feel is their right.
I detest the use of 'Law' to cover up their own lawlessness.
I have always supported the RIGHT, not the wrong;
I praise the GOOD, and shun the evil.

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