Friday, February 10, 2006

It's never too late

>>>>>>>>>>> to start something new.... they say. I wonder if this is true.

A friend of mine phoned and told me her intention to start learning a second language.
I know anyone else would offer her a hand of support, but Michiko-san is 60!
She said she wanred to enlist my services!
Sure, I was astounded!
Who wouldn't anyway?
I have known Michiko since a dozen years ago.
She works in the same Company Lolo is connected to.
She has a daughter, Rie-san.
Oftentimes, Rie would call me to inquire on certain English words she didn't know.
I willingly translated some as she pursued her Vocational Studies
in a School in Nagoya.
Lately, Rie have been involved in work and her Boyfriend of many years.
Thus, Michiko, the mother, who is about to retire in a few months,
have enough free time in her hands.
And to fill this up, she decided to study English
once more.
I said "once more" since most High School students here
have had encounters with English.
This begins in Junior HS, going to Senior High
in preparation for College English.
However, not all go to University.
A lot more stop after Junior High and
find work. Some marry and have children.
Only a few percentage find their way to College/
They claim that
the pressure of learning a second Language
made them quit..
Added to that, the cost of Education here
assures the few moneyed elite to achieve
that Diploma.
Michiko, after her golden years have decided to embark on
a lost love: that of being able to talk to a foreigner
with ease and confidence.
Never too late, indeed!
She sounded like a young lass as she explained her
Shall we allow a Golden gal to find her dreams?
Surely, no one would dampen a spirit like hers, now,
would we?

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