Sunday, February 05, 2006


A good friend called to tell me that a news bulletin about an accident in MManila came.
It was a stampede, he says.
I immmediately turned the TV on and lo!
It was the NHK and scenes of ambulance and people milling around greeted my eyes....
Details were not clear that time,so I turned on the net.....
I saw via rival networks' sites' updates and numbers!
PANIC seems to be the culprit..... or is it?
I wonder.....
In my personal opinion,
events such as these need a more detailed PLANNING STRATEGY.
This is the organizers' responsibility.
You see, in Management and PLANNING,
there are 5 P'sthat must be followed:
ProperPlanning Presents PerfectPerformance
or put it another way, but with the same essence,
PoorPlanning Presents PoorPerformance.
I am not saying I am perfect,
neither do I claimI know all....
BUT aren't these big networks STAFFed with people whose know-how and expertise brainstorm on ideas on the Whats, Where, When, and the HOW!?
People's lives mustn't be taken for granted
given the number of people who wanted to try and take their chance in this
"instant rags-to-riches" money game....
After all, it is these networks who have inculcated the mentality of going for the easy money
in our Kababayans' malleable minds....
By airing/feeding such "instant money" programs tothe viewers,
the big networks also, in some ways must be blamed for creating such mentality prevalent among the MASA.
Isn't it time for the MTRCB [or whatever Board it is that regulates such programs on TV/radio]to work and work hard to regulate the programs?
Not only do these programs inculcate tardiness and the INDOLENCIA de los Filipinos.....
It also kills and kill they did as the crowd panicked and stampede ensued.
Allow me also to state that I have nothing against ABS-CBN.....
I am grateful to them for giving methe chance to work after graduation.
I did enjoy my stint with them,albeit short.
I resigned because some principles cannot be bent by mere moolah, or by a better slot....
and I have no regrets, whatsoever.
Some people aren't destined to be what others aspire for.I say what I say because I have to.
My instinct tells me to do and say what I believe in.
Saying what one feels about whatever is happening in our midst is a duty all of us have
and we must be aware that whatever we feel we must do.....
let us do it for the betterment of this country
we call our own.
for we may never pass this way again......

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