Thursday, February 02, 2006


Woke up to find the weather as chilly as ever!
The thermometer reads -1 C!
OMG! In Shizuoka?.....
whilst in Washington, Cherry Blossoms bloom because of warm January days!
How is that?
Today, all Japan celebrates the SETSUBUN.
Literally, it means the day before the beginning of Spring.
....But Spring is nowhere to be found!
Maybe in far South: in Okinawa...
.It is possible in those warm areas....but here?
I guess that is what the Calendar says:Feb. 3= SETSUBUN......
Expect the ANNUAL BEAN-SCATTERING ceremony everywhere!
Schools, and community centers as well as private residences do this annualy to drive the bad demons away and invite GoodLuck to stay inside the abode.
Ceremonies everywhere will be done and stars and celebs will grace each place to lend a hand in celebrating this tradition from way, way back.
Kids will have a grand time throwing the beans
as well as eating the beans given them for a year of Good Luck.
Eating the beans depend on one's age, thus the kids eat only a handful.
The elderly first eat the last digit of their age...then eat the first.
If, say, Lolo is 72y/o: he eats 2 first,then eats 7 beans.
Eating all of 72 would be next to impossible!
And I get to eat a ...err....

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