Wednesday, November 30, 2005


LATEST news here is that a Peruvian was arrested

for dumping a box that contained cut-up body of a 7-y/o child in Hiroshima.

It was discovered among the garbage,

placed inside a small box intended for a gas-stove burner.

It took the Police a little less than a week after the crime.

[The policemen here are that good: walang lusot sa kanila!]

The suspect was nabbed at a friend's apartment hundreds of kilometers away.

He denied the crime, but he is being investigated,Japanese style.


IT USED TO BE sooo safe here, that one can walk alone in the Park...

without fear and worry no matter how late.

Lately though, with the influx of foreigners and 2nd/3rd generation Japanese [which includes yours truly] a lot of things has happened and things do not look good.....

I have lived in the NW for sometime, and I can least!....

HERE, the Law dictates a gunless society...hence, most crimes are knife-related.

A small percentage includes strangulation, or being clobbered on the head.

Other times, there were numerous car accidents that include those Brazillieros who were found to be high on drugs and racing on 100-km when the rule indicates the lane for a 40-km speed;

or those whose driving run counter to the natural flow of traffic.The traffic here is similar to London's or HK's.

MOST crimes are topped by robbery, followed by acts of lasciviousness, pedophilia [maybe, that Peruvian wanted that girl; it appears that way, anyway... ]....


I live in the outskirts of the City....and I am surrounded by plots of lands intended for vegetables and rice paddies on two sides, the wide garage at the far back, and a river embankment on the western side.

I find the place peaceful, and I never open the door once it gets dark.

Most often, I am left alone, when the handful of employees leave after five.

The drivers keep varied hours, hence, they come and go...but I can see them all from the main house [Jiji must have thought well on that!].

So far, I have lived a quiet existence.Thank God for that!

Aside from some Bangladeshis, I am the only lady-foreigner living within a radius of 5 kilometers....

and I hope that the peace and tranquility of this place remain unmarred by recent happenings there, and elsewhere......

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