Sunday, November 27, 2005



has just passed

and I failed to publish some thoughts on GRATITUDE.

The past few days proved to be quite hectic, at least, for me....

You see, I was busy packing all those BalikBayan boxes that contains some of my paraphernalia and all the 'Pasalubongs' for my relatives as well as the few friends who remained loyal, despite the miles apart.

The days went fast and the it's December again! Time to do those baggages as the Holiday season nears. As usual, I am spending my Christmas and New Year with loved ones.

Hence, the DAY of THANKS slipped away and I was remiss of remembering....

Even a cyber friend, ANN sent me a card that says in part: "You are one of the reasons why I celebrate Thanksgiving!'.....I found that when I checked my emails and I felt guilty! It was remiss of me not to have noticed! Mea culpa!

Some say that THANKING THE LORD and other people who made a difference in our lives is a western tradition.

I beg to disagree.

History tells us that it is a common practice among the nations of the world. And the Philippines is no exception.

Our forefahers have used rituals in various mode to show thanks to the gods and the spirits that roam around...

The Japanese, being basically traditional, believe that the spirit of the departed watch over the living, along with the dieties of old. They display close similarities with that of China and the Koreas.

I have been raised to respect different religious convictions. My Tatay was a believer of DAI-BUTSU=SAMA or the GREAT BUDDHA as is commonly known. he went to Chinese Temples in the country if time and chance permits. otherwise, he went with us to Catholic masses and stayed in one corner byt he door, and prayed as he reverently bowed his head.

GIVING THANKS TO GOD and asking his ancestors to watch over us have been a family practice since way, way back. I always remember food, or fruits placed on the altar where the names of the departed Lolo or Lola have dominated it....Aside from the pictures, there's the incense sticks and the candles to light it with. Then there's that cup-like thing that emits a bell-like sound when struck. This one is used to "call the attention" of the spirits.

I ALWAYS GIVE THANKS, to God for making me the way I am....

and for bringing LIGHT to my mind and to others.

I always pray for guidance as I greet the day.


I guess, GIVING THANKS MUST BE AN EVERYDAY ACTION, rather than an annual affair.

BUT since it is THANKSGIVING, I'd like to THANK friends and foes alike for making cory the way she is. I'd skip my immediate family for they know how I feel. I'd rather go on with others who must know MY NEVER-ENDING GRATITUDE for all the things I've learned and for being there when I need them.

>For your thoughts and straightforwardness: flor, jovy, pat and marcia; MLQ3, DJB,jove, conrado-de-quiros,rina-d.jimenez

>For being there> hiro, mitsu and naoko, hidemi...

>For the peope who LOVE Inang Bayan> Thank YOU all for showing the way...

>For the likes of ate glue and her cohorts> you never fail to remind me of the bad eggs in the Pinoy's basket.

>For allowing me to post my thoughts> pinoy blogsphere and fora;

>For the opportunity to blog here....

and to those whose very existence proved and created an impact on how I think...


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