Monday, November 14, 2005


WHEN I left Inang Bayan, I took an International Driving Permit with me, just in case....

I went to other countries, and it was fine.

I had my first lesson in driving when I was 16.

My parents asked the family driver to teach me.

But I wasnt interested then.

Four years laterI saw some women driving and I thought, 'Why not?'

I enrolled with Lily at a drivng school along Aurora Blvd., near Broadway junction.

It was also there that I applied for that IDP that I mentioned early on.

When I transferred to JP, I liberally used the car in the garage.

Lolo had several:Toyota: CROWN, SUPRA, & NOAH,

a Mitsubishi PAJERO[ which he eventually got rid of by paying those junk shops with 'Dumping Fees ' since most Pajeros have been recalled due to some defects],

and a SUZUKI WAGON RR deluxe.

I took the smallest, but the newest.

I went on with my life here and travelled to places near and far to get what I wanted or to visit the Supermarket, the shops, Post Office [whenever I make those regular EMS boxes to Makoy & Jay], Home Centers, and department stores,ET CETERA.

It was one clear day and I was listening to a new CD while driving to that Blind Masseur. I started late and I was travelling at 70 km/hr. to the SL 40.There were no cars on the horizon, and I was running late,so I stepped on the axle and sped away.

I didn't notice that white motorbike [a big bike]beyond the curve. I saw it too late!


'Naku!' I thought....

lagot ako kay Lolo!

Masisira ang pangalan niya.Sa kanya nakarehistro ang sasakyan, eh.

Eh transport pa naman yung business nya!


The Policeman in Blue gestured: he wanted me to stop at the roadside.

I did what I was told.

Siyempre.... mabait ako, eh.

Pero nmn, ngayon lang akona-check nang ganito!

Ano ba yan?

Eto, lapit si Pulis:

Ako, as is sa loob ng car.

I just lowered the window.


Greetings. Aba, magalang siya!

Tsaka pansin ko agad: Guwapo!

Type! heheheh...


Tanong kung pwedeng makita ang Lisensiya ko.

He also asked for the Car Registration

[S.O.P. daw dito yun; OO nga, baka nga carnap yung kotseng gamit ko, noh? ].

Bigay ko naman. Sabi sa iyo, bait ako, eh.

Eh, di yata masyadong mabasa yung CORAZON.

Juskopo! Danda ng pangalan ko, noh?

Sinabi ko, 2 ulit pa nga yata yun.

Then nagsabi: "Hindi mo ba alam na speed limit eh, 40 kilo[meter] lang?"

Sagot ko: "Sorry po."

I know I did wrong...kaya sori agad....


Eh sagabal sa he instructed me to turn Left sa susunod na corner at doon mag-park.

He rode his Big white Bikeand showed the way.

Masunurin nga ako, noh? So I followed.

Pagdating dun sa medyo maluwag na lugar, he came near my car again,

and sat on his heels.

Umupo si Guwapo!..

.maybe para eye contact kami ?

Aba! isip ko..."Type!"

So I faced him,pero syempre, kabado ako, noh?

He smiled as he asked questions.

He asked where I was going...> why? work, from what country...etcetera..

I also smiled.

Galing ng mata: smiling sya....and super guwapo!


Later he said, "O sige, I will let you go for now, but be sure to follow the rules.

Next time, I will issue a ticket for your violation."

Me: "Yes, I understand. Thank You." sa paraang magalang.

What a relief! wheeew!!! Imagine that?

Yung Blue-Uniformed Policemen ang PINAKAmahigpit dito.

As I was starting the car again,

he said..."Take Care...and don't smile if a policeman stop you on the road."

I answered, "I understand," smiling....

I can't help but smile.Ano ba?

Pigilan ko man, ewan! As I was wondering which way to go,he gestured and led the way.

I bowed my head once again as I went my way.

I went to the appointment.

HULI na rin!



At home, I told the office staff and Lolo what happened.

Their raction?

They all laughed.

They said, NO ONE smiles at the policemen when apprehended.

Ako lang daw ang gumagawa noon.

Eh sabi ko nga, yung pulis ang unang ngumiti kaya lumakas ang loob kong ngumiti rin...


The Japanese are a serious lot...especially the Police authorities here.

They were amazed at how I got out of that incident.

I could have been fined with US$200 had he issued a Ticket.

Here, violators are brought to court and fined, license suspended, or worse, jailed.


I was the butt of jokes among the employees for days on end.

Whenever I take the car out of the garage, they'll shout: "No smiling!"

I can only smile back....

One driver quipped, "Next time I get apprehended, I'll call you. Be sure you come to my aid."

These went on for sometime.


Nowadays, I take extra care.

Next year, I am going to apply for a Japanese Driver's License and I need no bad record attached to my name.



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