Friday, November 04, 2005


......sometimes lead us to discoveries.

AS I went through my usual walk yesterday,

I ventured into some roads that I have not taken before.

At first, I was afraid to enter that area, lest some CHIKAN [ A LASCIVIOUS MAN] are lurking in there.

I turned towards a wooded area and what did I find?

It was a JINJA [TEMPLE] hidden behind those thick foliage.

It was indeed a HAVEN for lost souls, wandering hearts,or troubled ones

.....It was one place away from it all:

  • >no noise, only the twitting of small birds as they fly from one branch to another;
  • >no other building except a small Temple surrounded by tall trees which smells of fresh red pines;
  • >no one around, except my own self;
  • It made me sit and contemplate on things that have been bothering me for some time.
  • THE PLACE speaks of peace.
  • I can't help but feel that nature is indeed great.The autumn colors were profuse and the grounds were abuzz with leaves of all hues: brown, gold, yellow, red....How I wish I had my digi-came with me....
  • I sat for a while thinking of nothing.....savoring the beauty of the place.There is nothing like this in the Land of my Birth....So simple, yet so beautiful!
  • Since no one was around.....I tried to shout and unload my burden.....I shouted out the top of my lungs and gave in to that pent-up emotion.....
  • I used to do this near the the I dug my bare feet into the sand....But since sea breeze would be chilly,I have ceased going to there for the moment.
  • I cried...[again!]...."Cry-Baby!"...Tatay used to say...
  • I don't know...Maybe....
  • When I have no one else to turn to,and can't verbalize my sentiments, I always end up with tears....even in the bed, as I linger on thoughts that would have been.
  • I guess all girls do... or do they?
  • I have no idea....really.
  • Am I rambling?
  • I have no reasons for that, do I?
  • No, not that I have things to complain about.....
  • Life is beautiful as it is....I guess it's the sadness of living 'alone' that makes me mushy...[Lolo doesn't seem to bother...He's OK by himself...]
  • I guess I don't make sense....anyway...
  • .I hope to go back to that place again sometime in the future.....when all the leaves have fallen and the trees are bare....
  • and next Spring as well....when the SAKURA comes a-blooming.....

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