Thursday, January 26, 2006


The past few days saw the mercury dip lower and lower...and the nights even lower....

This place I now call 'home' sits several kilometers away from the sea, the Pacific Ocean to be exact, hence,the sea breeze is strong most of the time. Reminds me of Puget Sound....

It is, after all, winter and the coats are out since November. I have not used one, though, until last week, when the temperature suddenly dipped. Nights are great, if one has the amenities....but bed is best after soaking in a hot bath, complete with those scents and bath salts. It never fails to make me sleepy and stay in bed longer than I'd have to.

The last week have been quite busy, having been 'working' as 'translator' to some Pinay Trainees who just arrived from Cebu Friday last week. I've been asked by a friend of a friend to assist one of Suzuki Plant's companies' new Trainees from Inang Bayan. Not that these ladies needed a full-pledged translator like me. It's just that the newcomers need some assistance as far as the rules and the 'hows' of living in Japan is concerned. Most of my jobs would be off-hours such as being there to show them the supermarkets, banks, clinics, and where to get the best buys.This would be great since I can keep my day hours to myself and my little 'school' where I teach young Japanese kids English Conversation classes.

Everything seems great!>..<

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