Saturday, November 05, 2005


NEWS we read here and there are enough to make one go crazy:

  • > there's the news about the RTO on that entry in the pcij blog; ---->Seems to me, its a clobbering tactic of the "authorities" and the pcij is a major arena as far as free speech is there!

  • > then there's that direct accusation against Julius Babao, coming from the ate glue herself, as quoted by ramon tulfo, that crime/police correspondent of PDInquirer. Apparently, it was ate glue herself who wanted the news out in public via tulfo's scoop! ---->huh!? ate glue leaked it? ang prisidinti ang nagtsism?my, oh my!..yayayayyy!!!!

  • >the news about a Japanese teenager lacing her mother's drinks along with their house pets with Thalium powder thus making the mother hallucinate and collapse. The pets died and the mother is now confined in a hospital. The said girl was found to be blogging her findings about her "discoveries and her experiment"! ---->Some daughter, huh? Huwag nmn sana akong magkaanak nang kagaya nitong batang ito! Grrrr....

  • >rampage in Paris has some 2000 cars incinerated by rioting black immigrants in protest of the killing of two teens suspected of some mischief weeks ago...---->Who said France was the seat of democracy?....SOME democracy, huh!?

  • >the imminent lifting of that -import ban on US BEEF by Japan, simply because bush, that push, is scheduled to come a-visiting. The Japanese populace have been up in arms against it, while Koizumi seems intent to please his friend. ----> ^%$$#@!!!! What are these people thinking? Sila na lang kaya ang kumain nun....Basta ako, ayaw!

  • >global warming seems to bring unusual climate change as the US continue to ignore the KYOTO Protocol and refuse to sign up measures. The US suffered, too, as far as hurricanes and other calamities are concerned. The world is suffering and will continue to do so if these major players continue to defy the resolutions lined up to save the earth....---->puro na lang vested interests,ayan tuloy...taong bayan sa buong mundo ang nagdudusa !!!! .....

  • AND MORE....

  • CRAZY is the key word for today....

  • CRAZY LEADERS bringing the entire populace into a



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