Saturday, November 19, 2005


TODAY was a busy, busy day....

The Head of a Department in that Car Company called Lolo,who in turn called me and demanded that a RIRIKISHO' [RESUME/BIODATA] be submitted ASAP.


I forgot all about it! I was asked to submit it before the week ends.And that means tomorrow!

Then a call came from one of my few Japanese friends here.Naoko's brother dropped into town from Osaka, and invited me to a foursome. Naoko was on leave due to her Grandma's 49th. Her brother treated us all to a STEAK HOUSE at the center of the city.

It was an invite I cannot refuse....Both Nao and Hidemi are good friends from way way back.We chatted while they [not I !] enjoyed the meal...I have been saturated with beef the whole week! Had it been Salmon or any fish for that matter....or even Max's, perhaps, I could have pigged it out with gusto.

Anyway, I have to drive to the meeting place, since no one can pick me up because our place is out of the way....

The BIG problem now is that my local License have expired and I am not supposed to drive at all! I made my way to the meeting place, sweating profusely as I looked at all sides .You see, I wouldn't want another Blue-Uniformed Policeman at my back.Thank God, I was able to push my way to the meeting place sans any problem. My angels must be working overtime, I thought.

Later, I have to rush to the nearby Supermarket. My supply of juice and fruits have ran out. I also bought some fish and vegetables.My stomach must be aching for that. This week just reeks of meat!

I went home as soon as I could, careful along the way. As I was parking the car, my celfone rang. It was Lolo again, asking where I was.He ordered [!] me to leave my BIODATA on his desk [office].

That is one thing I almost forgot!


So I started to look for the last copy I made. I couldn't find one!

It took me about 2 hours to complete two pages. I stamped my personal seal, pasted a picture, and placed it on his desk, ready for tomorrow.


Minsan naiisip ko, mahirap maghanap ng trabaho, lalo na sa 'Pinas...pero eto....ako pa ang hinahanap ng trabaho.

I must be thankful that the Gods decided to smile down on me all through my years.....

I must have done something good in my past lifetime....

.....I don't know......

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