Thursday, November 03, 2005


THE AIR has turned chilly and the day is turning out early.

And sleeping seems to be more comfortable than ever....


Last night, I was waiting eagerly for that new tele-novela fromSoKor

when I settled in my bed, and waited.

It was quite early: 8'oclock.The telecast was scheduled for 10,

so I..waited...

and waited....

When I opened my eyes, it was 4 AM and the TV was still on!

Goodness, I must have dozed off and slept like a Baby....

I missed that one and that > HACHIKOI [FIRST LOVE] which I've been following through these months....



I rarely miss the ones I like best.

I have been selective of TV programs offered on the screen.

I like docus and old films that deliver great messages and interesting stories.

Added to that, I marvel at how great thespians deliver their lines with such ease and emotion, sometimes, they get me crying profusely as the scenes unfold before my eyes....

It's the same thing when in MManila.

I abhor those slapstick comedies [oh..there are lots of 'em here!] especially those who exert efforts just to be noticed....


Since I love sceneries, I like the TRAVELOUGE genre as well.

It makes me imagine the places and select which ones I intend to go to if time and finances [but of course!] permits.

Better still, if I'm with someone whom I care: friends and loved 0nes.


Watching TV seems to be a day-to-day pill for everyone.

Not for me.....

I only turn it on as I work on some manuscript to inundate my ears with the Language I am supposed to speak here.

Otherwise, a great scene, or an interesting story CAN ONLY make get my undivided attention and watch it full time.


BEFORE I forget, a funny [for me, at least...] thing happened last night. My Lolo's "strange" ways made me laugh out loud.

He was looking for his shirts and he stopped, thought out loud and said, "What was that color again?"

I asked, "What color?"

Lolo: "My lucky color, according to my horoscope."

C: "What?!" You believe in Lucky colors?"

Lolo: "Of course! where's my beige shirt?"...

as he went on ranting about his 'lost' shirt!

Sobra talaga po yang si Lolo....

ang 'thunder' na eh, ang hilig pa ring sumunod sa kanyang horoscope....







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