Sunday, November 13, 2005


LOTS OF PEOPLE have volunteered to take care of Lolo, but none got his approval.

It was by sheer coincidence that I was able to earn Lolo's trust. But then again, that, is a another story.

I arrived to find mountains of bottles outside his living room window: all sorts! There were beers, O-sake [rice wine], Shochu[a concoction similar to the local Gin], red wine, white wine,and more! Say it, he drank it all....

I started to re-arrange his dwelling and decided to make dowith an "extension" near the drive way. I didn't want to stay in the main house because Lolo snores...and how!

So after settling in and feeling my way through the daily routine, life seemed normal...until one hot summer day when I went back home from a Hair Salon.

I had my hair cut kasi ba nmn,sooobrang init!

"Aray!" sigaw ko. Aba'y binatukan ako!? "Bakit ba?" ...Kasi daw sayang yung buhok ko.Madali nmng magpahaba ulit, eh...'Suya talaga!

Mabait si Lolo, kaya lang, kapag nakainom na,ayun, ang ingay!

Peaceful ang buhay ko kapag wala si Lolo at nasa delivery trips around Japan.

I cook for him, do the house cleaning, wash his uniforms, make sure everything is OKin the main house and the adjacent small building housing his transport office,

prepare his O-BENTO [PACKED LUNCH] everytime he goes out on long trips.

He has this HighBlood Pressure and has to control hischolesterol level.

In short, DH ako!


Anyways, I oversee his office once in a while, especially when he's away.And I do what his office staff cannot do:handle his Bank Transfers whenever he can't.

Lolo has bad tempers, maybe due to his HB...or maybe that's the way he is.

Sometimes he gets to my nerves, but I have to control my mouth lest I burst out some words I'd surely regret.

Laging nakasigaw, laging naka-check ng lahat ng bagay. Huuuu!!

Once I threatened him I'll go back where I came from, and he didn't talk to me for several days....

Naawa naman ako.


>>>>>Yesterday, tumawag nang maaga.Sabi maghanda daw ako kasi may interview sa Suzuki Car Plant.

I've been waiting for this call since September.

But there was some hitch with the Pinoy Trainees' papers.

This time, parating na raw...


So, bihis agad ako, madalian, kasi galit yun sa pagong.

Eh, pagong nga ako sa pag-aayosng sarili.

Eto na, dumating.

Silip sa room ko.

Sabi nya: "palitan mo yang palda mo!

Factory nga yun, tapos naka-palda ka?"

Sagot ko:"Interview lang naman ah?"

Lolo:"Palitan mo! "

Nag-utos ang hari!


Then he let me drive going to the Plant.

Para raw malaman ko ang lugar.


It was just a few minutes drive from the house.

Ang daming pintas!

Kaya nga ayokong magneho kapag nandyan si Lolo.

Professional sya, marami siyang drivers...kaya kung makabulahaw, sobra!

So, next, eto na po.



Pasok sa Meeting Room. Sinalubong kami nung Delivery Master.

We went to the 2nd F. and waited. Labas naman agad ung Manager ng Planta.

Batian sila ni Lolo. Hindi nya alam doon pala Manager ung nakalaro nya sa Golf some years back.

Basic Introductions.

Then tanong yung Manager sa akin.

Imagine? Si Lolo ang sagot nang sagot!

Tawa yung Delivery Master at Manager.

Sabi nila, "Tumahimik ka nga, at hayaan mo ang apo mong sumagot."

I know how Lolo must have felt.

He was kinda excited and worried about me...

I kept on answering the questions,kaya lang, I can't control Lolo....singit pa rin ng answers to the max....Parang gusto ko nang sipain sa paa...kaya lang I can't. HUUUU!!


It seemed OKAY naman, judging from the way the Manager accomodated me,despite the fact that I have to go back home this Holidays to renew my Driving License which expired last October.

Sabay ganun, noh?

Absent agad?!


The Interview ended with a beautiful note, too.

The Manager learned I am teaching EI KAIWA [ENGLISH CONVERSATION].

He signified he'd like some lessons, too.

He'll be reassigned two years from now to Zambales,

and he'd want to be able tocommunicate better.

That was great!

Nakatisod pa ng isa pang estudyante!


Lolo, meanwhile, ended up asking the Manager for another round of Golf some other time, when time and weather permits.

The usual talk, I believe among owners and top brass in Japanese business.

Kahit na ganito si Lolo, marami pa ring koneksyon.

Kaya ayun.








Yan ang Lolo ko.


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