Thursday, November 17, 2005


I've been home-bound for the entire week, due to colds and the sudden dip of Mercury.

Since then, I've been spending my free [well, self-declared it may be ] time cuddling my lap top and chatting the hours away.

Whenever my ward [err... my Lolo, that is...] comes home or peeks into the main house from the nearby office, he almost always see me smiling/laughing by myself.

He once asked why.

"What is it that makes you smile/laugh out loud?"

I tried to explain and he said "What's so funny about that?"

After several attempts, I gave up.He simply cannot understand the world of cyberspace.


TODAY, he arrived early. He has prepared his load for the long haul to Shiga-Ken, two Prefectures away from ours.He peeked into my room and found me [again!] laughing out loud.

You see, I was chatting with someone. We were both sharing a fine joke and I can't help letting out a guffaw.

I thought I was alone. Besides, the other party couldn't see me, so what's wrong with that?.or so I thought....

"OY! What are you doing?! I'm going to call the yellow ambulance! Just you wait and see!" he yelled.

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked.

"That's for hauling crazy ones, like you!"



Me? Crazy?


I told the other side what Lolo just said. He asked for another ambulance sent to him, too,provided I am on it.

The more guffaw echoed which made Lolo come rushing in ....

He must have thought I was in Stage 4!


Chatting and all these posts seen and read worldwide over the internet have made countless people laugh, cry, share some jokes, music or even advises...or just plain killing time.

It even made some souls meet, fall in love that would otherwise seem impossible, looking from the outside.

I have always been a private person. I never went out in my youth and spend some wild nights with friends or schoolmates.Hence, I have a few select friends with whom I share my private thoughts and feelings about almost anything.

I have been to numerous fora: enjoyed some and then left some after all the excitement has toned down.

But I have never ever chatted with anyone except with two good guys I met here in @###.


I have always been loved and cared for by loving parents who unselfishly guided me...and I desperately fear venturing into the unknown.....

Posting my thoughts became a release from all those pent-up emotions.

It also paved the way for ideas to flow out freely which I hope, some other souls pick up if they are good, and/or discard or simply forget those which aren't worth reading at all.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts to whoever are willing to listen. I, too, learn a lot as I skip through the pages of their Journals.

After all, that is what traveling through LIFE's highway is all about.

I enjoy reading great posts such as those of Opinion Writers and Great Thinkers.

I particularly like the blogs of heavyweights in punditry and local scenes. That includes those of mlq3, jove and more.... I must admit I am their regular visitors,of course, under another nick.


Nowadays, even Lolo is amazed at how the WWW works and asks me constantly to help him learn the "HOWs" of the net since he's going to do stocks after he retires.

I would, if I could.

Alas! I couldn't...since I, myself am ignorant of this I.T. phenomena.

Unless someone makes extra effort to train/guide me here,I must admit I will never learn the ways of the net....those click, click and more clicks easily make me give up those lessons.I

'd rather read or scan the pages....

but then again, also makes one feel great to be heard.

Do you enjoy the net, too?

Pray, do tell.....

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