Wednesday, November 09, 2005


A FRIEND has this story to tell.And I am sure she just want a release of what she feels, so I let her let tell me what's bothering her. I'd like to ponder on her story as I write it here....

Let's call her Elena.

She was raised by a strict mother but an accomodating father.

She was, the other siblings claimed endlessly, the apple of their mother's eyes.

And quite naturally, she was not allowed to be on her own by her mother.

She was always accompanied/escorted to school and back home, with less than ten minutes free time for waiting on the school building's gate.If her mom can't fetch her, the family driver did, with extreme caution not to allow unscrupulous characters to come near her.

This went on till University and beyond....when she worked as a radio announcer for one network in QC. I remember her time slot to be from 6 pm to 9.

We waited for those music to play....

and her voice!

She grew up to be serious, always doing what is right, according to the rules her mom imposed,to the detriment of her sisters who defied every rule. That made her sisters younger than her marry young, while she was left to wait..and wait she did!

She never wanted to cause pain to her Mom,nor does she want to be reprimanded, so she followed all restrictions to a tee.

She started to earn the ire of her Mom when she was in college. She had to stay in school for research and all those little things she needed to finish.

All school work.

She didn't play!

She had crushes all right. She started to be noticed by men as well. But afraid to defy her mom's wishes,she dodged every pursuit, lest her Mom sees her, or learns about it.

When she went to her first week away from home, for a training somewhere, her Mom asked her closest friend Rebecca to look after her. Elena just laughed it off, saying she isn't going to play the field. Her Mom just looked at her sternly and waited until the bus that carried them off to Training left the Campus. Her Mom stood helplessly. She looked back and cried. After all, it was her first time to be away from the watchful eyes of her mother. There was a mixture of freedom and loneliness.

Graduating early from school, she was able to land a job.She had to be at work before 5 to prepare her repartee. After some brushes with some lecherous men inside the DJ booth where she worked, she resigned.She was shocked at how a renowned broadcaster tried to put his arms around her. She warded 'em off and stormed out of the compound without saying a word, very much disgusted..

That same broadcaster is very much around....and seen everyday.

And, no! she wasn't raped or anything.

That broadcaster tried to kiss her inside the Music Library of the Network.

He failed. She was afraid.

Her parents wanted to sue. The family decided to keep mum.

They belong to Buena Familia.

She was made to help look after the family business.

She acted as the Overseer of the office whenever the 'Boys' were out in the field.

The "Boys" here stood for her brothers,who had their hand helping in management and procurement.She had to look after the people in the office and see that everything ran smoothly.

Afraid to be alone, she was always near her Mom's side.

She was there when her Mom went to have her Blood checked;

and she was there when a family problem loomed.

She was quick to offer herself for some endeavour that should be done by the eldest in the family.

Unselfish, she went out of her way and offered her time and energy for some good work in the community.

Now the problem seems to be this:

she is afraid to trust people.

Living under her mom's nose,

she was made to believe the world is littered by bad elements

and that she must not let her guard down.

Time is passing by...

.Her brothers and sisters have all been married and she is left alone..

.living in a far off place away from civilization.

She needed to live her life.

All these years, she have been "involved" [if THAT is the right word...]

with someone who we feel was unfit for her.

He was quite a weakling [if I may be so bold to say so..]

and cannot stand firm on his decision.

That one was came out of these pairings in school.

She never was serious about it all,

although that man told her last time we all got together,"I still love you..."

We knew. We were there.

Having gone through that and having been raised like that

needs a caring hand, a loving heart also.

She has cried a lot after her parents died one after the other...

Her siblings got all their share in the companies left by their parents.

She was left with a house in MManila,

with chances of earning that ancestral home from her Grandad,

if she takes care of him through his old age.

I believe she wants to open up and entertain new friends....

>friends who will help her feel happy and

forget the problems left by the separation from dear ones

and the treatment she received from her siblings.

Crying no longer fits her.

I have seen her cry so many times in the past,

I told once her she might drain her tear duct and it'll hurt if it dried.

She just smiled.

I know she continues to suffer in silence

even as she puts on a brave front.

She is like that.

I hope you get out of that shell, dear...

and look at the brighter side of the world....

You can do it! ..........Trust, I mean....




-Proverbs 10:32

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