Wednesday, August 10, 2005




I found this out when I applied for work at a YAMAHA Resort Hotel [ang lakas daw ng loob ko, sabi ng Nanay ko... Yamaha kaagad ang tinarget ko ] several kilometers away from where I live.

My Lolo's accountant, who knew a little English, helped me prepare my RIRIKISHOU [BIO-DATA] in Japanese. Bless her!

SINCE my Lolo was afraid I'd never make it, he showed "support" by driving me to the site atop a hill. I never knew the place, nor HOW to go there myself, so I welcomed his "support". At least, I had the "SHACHO"[BOSS/COMPANY OWNER] drive for me. HAHAHAH...

Cool place, indeed! The Resort is enormous, with Golf greens on one side, and a hotel , restaurant on the other. The parking space speaks of its clientele: the moneyed class.

THE INTERVIEW was conducted by the Manager himself and the Over-all In-Charge of the Resort came in. I was in luck, because the #1 Man-in-Charge knew how to speak English! Wheew! What a relief, I thought! They were hesistant to take me in at first, because of my RIRIKISHOU. They read about my alma mater, and somehow, one of them knew what that means. I told them I can do any menial job, if they want me to. I just need that experience to work in a Japanese company. I had the gut feeling I'd be taken in so I answered the questions confidently. And lo! I was asked to report or work after five days.

WORKING with a big company is a blessing! I learned the ins and outs of management, Japanese style. I was first introduced to all employees, given a set of uniform [which is free, and free laundry, mind you! haha!],the company booklet/guide/rules, et cetera, taken on a tour of the facilities, schedule, ......everything!

I LEARNED the basic Japanese AISATSU [GREETINGS] and practiced them at home, PROPER BOWING a must!

I WORKED 5 hours a day, 20 days a month. And it came with free gasoline allowance.

I ENJOYED working with them. It was a beautiful experience, and I will never forget the people who comprised the Management and the Staff.

ONE THING, though: it was located two cities away from my home. The trip alone lasted about an hour one way and since I was already too tired going back home, I felt sleepy one time. Fearing for my safety, I was advised by relatives to resign lest I fall asleep again.

OVERALL, it was one great experience!


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