Monday, August 15, 2005



I HAVE just finished lunch and had banana with my rice, along with some leftovers from yesterday's. It goes well with the spicy vegetable dish I concocted yesterday. Aside from its potassium contents, bananas have loads of vitamins to fill everyone.

I NEVER realized that BANANAS are that good, healthwise, that is. People here troop to the FRUITS SECTION and almost always pick up this prime commodity as they go shopping in supermarkets. There were various TV programs which analyzed the benefits one can get by consuming BANANA all the days of their lives. Old and young alike eat BANANAS everyday. They believe that BANANAS make up for lost stamina. IN MANILA, we always take them for granted; most even prefer the big, " clean, pretty variety" to the small LATUNDAN ones.

IN MANILA, BANANAS are sold by the kilo, here it is sold by the bunch [4-5 pieces per cut]. And it sure cost more....[but of course!].

I ALWAYS pick the ones labeled 'PRODUCT OF THE PHILIPPINES'. Of course there are 'other' BANANAS from other countries: Taiwan, Mexico, & Peru. But I take pride in choosing the ones from the land of my birth. Same is true with other Pinoy products: PINEAPPLES, MANGOES, OKRA, TIGER SHRIMPS [though the last two are seasonal ones].

SABA, or the "cooking BANANA" are sold by the box. This is available ONLY in stores that specialize in ORIENTAL FOOD SUPPLY. Whenever I feel like eating BANANA CUE or "MINATAMIS NA SAGING", I order from its Tokyo main office, and sell the rest to Pinoys who live hereabouts. Alone, I can't consume 10 kilos, can I ?

BANANAS continue to spice the Land of the Rising Sun for decades now. It is found in every home, every supermarket in all cities, towns and islands, big or small. Do we stop and think HOW the lowly BANANA [as we treat them back home] are doing their share to make EVERYTHING NICE, economy-wise? Have you ever thought about that?

Oh, well.....


BANANAS, ANYONE? Gotta have one......


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