Tuesday, August 16, 2005


THE GREAT ESCAPE: Summer, 2005

I HAVE on my desk pictures taken when my students and I had that GREAT ESCAPE. I am sorting them out, in preparation for the resumption of my EIGO-KAIWA LESSONS [ENGLISH CONVERSATION-LESSONS] next Tuesday. I promised to give each of them a copy of that "ADVENTURE".

GREAT, indeed!...and ESCAPE...that, too...that is, from the scrorching heat of typical Japanese summer. No matter where you live, the heat affects everybody: young and old alike.

KNOWING that it is difficult for my students to focus on our lessons and equally difficult for me to teach given these humid surroundings, I decided to spend one day out of my scheduled classes to teach in a different way.

I PICKED the hottest day in late July to take my students out of the classroom and we all went on an 'ADVENTURE' without disclosing to them where we are going.

I TOLD them to leave their bags inside the room and just follow me.

WE THEN left the classroom [ a small room adjacent to my own room, which I converted into my own 'abode' here] and walked to the closest ice cream shop. It happens that the nearest was a convenience store [oh yeah! they do sell soft ice cream here during summer].

I ALLOWED my students to choose what flavor they want and they have to tell me that in English [talk of motivation, huh?!] The have to order them themselves. Of course, I PAY! After all, this is one of those times I have to chip in...the 'other' being their birthdays and on Christmas, before I take that long vacation for the Holidays.

ANYWAY, after eating our ice cream [of course, I have to...even if I am dieting! ..daw!], I took them to a nearby coin-photography booth [the ones used for passports/similar to our Photo-Me]. We all squeezed in and smiled for the camera. Since all cannot be accomodated inside, I prepared for the worse: I brought my own digi-came [digital-camera]. Amid laughters and guffaws, we had lots of pictures taken, each one taking turns to click the button. Lastly, I requested one of the convenience store employees to click the button for all of us.

WE THEN walked back, passing by the CITY PLAYGROUND situated between the store and our classroom. I let them tumble and roam around free at this stage. The area is safe with railings around the perimeter.



Quote to ponder:

"They may forget what you said, But they will never forget what you made them feel."



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