Tuesday, August 23, 2005



ASIDE from intermittent showers, I do not know if I'll believe what's on the screen: 2 typhoons are looming over the Pacific south of the country! One is heading east along the Pacific. This one might not touch land, thank God!The other one, if winds persist, might go head-on towards our area . Wheew!

TYPHOONS are summer occurences here. The season starts at the same time we have them in Inang Bayan. Every year, Japan experiences an average of 15 typhoons, more or less. As in most cases, the typhoon pattern here is the same: they are brewed and starts over the Pacific, visits the Philippine area of responsibility, then makes a turn and head towards Taiwan, or Japan. Sometimes, these natural disasters go straight to the Korean peninsula or....mainland China, which most, including myself would rather hope for.

WHAT I fear most about typhoons is not as much as the rain or the amount of water it brings, but the STRONG WINDS that accompany each typhoon. Here, winds bring more disaster than the rain itself. This country has great sewage system that water level soon ease up. Unless of course some river embankments have been eroded, then there seems to be no problem at all.

WINDS can create havoc on farmers whose rice paddies may be ready for harvests. Orchard-owners of pears, apples, tangerines, oranges and grapes 0r even vynil houses attests that strong winds have the capacity to ruin everything: from properties, to investments and worse----lives.

TYPHOONS also may come in the form of broken hearts in one's lifetime. Some spend a lifetime to find the man/woman of their lives. Some are lucky to meet them early on. Still others find loving a devastating experience, much like the typhoons brought by nature.

LIFE and TYPHOONS: BOTH humble the souls. Both make us learn about life and living. Both make us stronger: emotionally? ...maybe. But both can make us stronger persons in more ways we can imagine.

I'D LIKE to be able to withstand the typhoons of my life whenever, if ever it comes along. I may cry over something I lost or over someone [I don't know...], but I'll never lose faith in the Great Architect who designs everything here on earth, including typhoons and heartaches. HE will never let us down.

AFTER each typhoon comes clear skies. After each night comes the break of dawn.....

It is always like that.


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