Friday, August 26, 2005


THE DAY AFTER the typhoon, people came out of their homes to assess the damage to properties, crops and lives.

TIME TO clean the area. Can't do it all alone, so I just concentrated on the walkway: that path leading to the main case the postman or delivery man comes. The rest can wait for another day... The sun's rays are too intense and I can't fight the melanin war here. Not with what I have. No one can. No one will ever dare.

THE REMAINING hot days of summer are here again... and everywhere, the mercury soared to 33 but here it registered at 36 ++ degrees C! The wind kept blowing from the west: that place where sands and paddies thrive. And I can't open the windows there. The sand may filter in again and that would be a monstrous job for me.

ARRANGED my schedule and upgrade. I was lucky to find the lady on the other side accomodating and friendly. She arranged for my window seat as well. Great!

THAT OVER, I can now concentrate on other mundane things. I still have enough time to go over the entire itinerary if need be. And my baggages are full. I know. I know. BB is still....the best alternative.

I THINK I better go out for that much-needed drive. It has been a long time since I went to OMAEZAKI. Shall I go? hmmmm




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