Wednesday, August 17, 2005


WITH the recent earthquake, the Japanese have been on their toes again, especially those living in TOKYO. TV programs are inundated with reminders to all. Preparations are being finalized for the ANNUAL FIRE DRILL on September 1. This Drill involves the entire populace.

I REMEMBER a GEOLOGIST who guested in one TV program a couple of months ago. He revealed that most of Tokyo and its surround have soft areas, meaning that these areas are more prone to landslide and cave-ins. I guess this revelation has made the price of land in rich Metropolitan Tokyo go down, huh?!

WITH THE MONTHLY community gazzete which is delivered by the Community [similar to our NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION] Treasurer is a reminder for the scheduled DRILL and to stack on food and water, just in case...

PEOPLE HERE live day-to-day WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE to come. When that happens, no one can say. All we can do is to BE PREPARED, like the Boy Scouts. I have all the important papers in one bag, with my OJIISAN's HANKO [ SEAL=equivalent to one's official signature, very similar to the ones used by the Chinese]. Supplies have been replenished.

IN THE MEANTIME, LIFE continues.... and the cloud has helped make it bearable, just for today.


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