Tuesday, August 30, 2005



YESTERDAY officially marked the start of the 12-day campaign for the snap election in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Lower House was dissolved by PM Junichiro Koizumi following the defeat of his Postal Privatization Bill. He threatened to do so before voting for the bill's passage first week of August. His bill was rejected and so he abolished the existing Lower House the same afternoon. Some 1132 candidates are vying for the 480 seats.

KOIZUMI seems to have been upset when 34 of his party-members voted against his party-sponsored bill. He has since vowed never to support such defiance.

SOUNDS familiar? Hm.... I think so, too. Dictatorial?...I agree.

THE same thing happens everywhere, the Philippines included. What politicians will do in the name of power! But here, Koizumi vowed to step down as PM if his party loses the majority seat in this election which is pegged at 241 seats. In Manila, gma will not budge.

ALTHOUGH I cannot participate in this election [not yet, anyway] I have seen election campaign up close and have been to voting centers the last time they had one for Governor of this Prefecture. Like all other elections in the past, the campaign covers 12 days and posters are prominently displayed at designated boards. Candidates are allowed to place leaflets inside post boxes. These leaflets contain their bio-data and their platforms. Candidates' entourage are allowed in public places, or simply go around the neighborhood with that special-car crafted with PA and a stage on top. These candidates can stop at plazas or malls/supermarkets and make impromptu speeches. Here, individual candidates can make a go of it all. In Inang Bayan, they usually do it in huge "miting-de-avance".

MOST PEOPLE I've talked to, do not care about the postal privatization which Koizumi advocates. What they want is a more secure Economy, the Basic Care Services and the pending Social Security problems of the elderly. It is a known fact that the GREYING of Japan is looming ahead, and as such need more time and energy than having the postal services change to favor private firms. The result of this upcoming election on Sept. 11 will brake or make Koizumi's hard-line position. I hope it does para naman matauhan. Medyo iba na ang stance ngayon, eh. Dati mas OK, pero lately, parang dictatorial ang dating.

ELECTION 2004 is still fresh in my mind. That was my first time to vote. Honestly, I never liked Ms. Arroyo; Neither did I vote for Poe. I didn't trust Lacson either. And yes! I did vote for Raul S. Roco. I believed in his HOPE campaign. But things didn't turn out right.......Alas! We are left with gma at the helm, thanks to "garci" and his magic wand[s].

Ms. Arroyo is said to want by her side people who support her. People who tell her everything she wants to hear, and vow to be with her, no matter what. That is the reason why she cannot get rid of amuyongs, including 'the husband', her partner in crime.

POLITIKA, at 'partisan politcs' ang nananaig sa ating Bayan. Sa halip na BAYAN ang unahin, "PAMPAMILYA" ang nagyayari.



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