Sunday, August 28, 2005



IT'S A warm day....... the sun brimming with sunshine from morning till dawn. And I am not going anywhere! What am I to do? Alone again... [naturally?].

AFTER CLEANING the entire house, I went out to buy some stuff for my ref. Just the usual: grapefruit juice, milk, bread, some smoked cheese and fruits, not much....

I SETTLED snugly to watch the tube. Let's see....Soccer, Augusta Golf Tournament, Political Debates, Horse-Racing, .... What? Only these? That's when I settled for this annual 24-HOUR-FUND-RAISING PROGRAM. I guess it started last night and will go on till late tonight.

THE PROGRAM is well-planned, perfectly coordinated and ezquisitely executed. People from all of the country's 47 Prefectures have been tapped by the sponsor network. Almost allc elebrities came, except the politicians [I believe they have set some rules as far as politicking is concerned here...and that's superb!].

BENEFICIARIES OF the fund-raising are THE OLD FOLKS, HOME-FOR-THE-AGED, HANDICAPPED, and REHABILITATION FACILITIES for the HANDICAPPED.More special cars for transporting the handicapped and the aged costs double than ordinary cars. These are given to facilities that need them. Some seeing-eye dogs have been allotted to the blind [ and these costs much! I didn't know that....]...and more.

PEOPLE FROM all walks of life donate to this charities. Coin Boxes are provided all over the country: in supermarkets, banks, convenience stores, even Post Offices.

EVEN KOREAN idols such as Pei Yon Jon [I don't know if I got his name right] donated a lift-bus and left his signature on its side. Other Korean idols have graced the program and brought along their CHOKIN-BAKO [PIGGY BANKS], and I must say, rightly so! These Koreanovelas have "infiltrated" Asia, and Japan is no exception.

ONE THING that does not stop to amaze me is the feature on how the handicapped people fight for recognition and to be independent so as not to bother society. There's the blind young boy who played the piano well. Then there's that young man who can't walk, yet attempted to finish a traithlon route. Still there's a 59-year-old Lawyer who had constantly appeared on TV to give his lawyerly advise, who agreed to run a 100-kilometer marathon to help raise fund. CAN ANYONE BEAT THAT? Sa Bayan natin, kapag naging sixty na, ayaw nang kumilos!

ALTHOUGH THE government subsidizes a small amount to handicapped every month, this fund-raising program extends beyond the basic services offered to them. The MR [Mentally-Retarded] or the blind, the handicapped since birth receive some amount plus taxi tickets to augment their allowances and to help ease the burden from the family. But some services, such as special cars/buses that fetch them for that much-needed out-of-town check-up and mobilization and other facilities are lacking.

CAN'T HELP THINKING......IF ONLY we have such mass action taken to help the needy....Yung walang bahid ng kurakot.Yung TUNAY NA TULONG LANG....

ON SECOND thought, lahat halos ng Pinoy NEEDY, db? KAILAN KAYA? MERON NA BA SA INANG BAYAN nga ganitong kaganapan?



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