Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have been tagged by schumey!

I have known this game (sort of,) since way, way back, even before
I started blogging.

It was THE SEVEN THINGS (August 07,2005*
and I am now thinking if I'd post that and tag some new bloggers whom I did not meet then......just for fun!).

Actually, I posted that in one of the fora where I've visited....
but later thought: why not post it here....And so I did!
I was jubilant becoz one of the best answers here came from....wouldyabelieve?...
Manolo or the famous MLQ3
to avid readers.....
Yes....DA ONE!

I never imagined a well-respected Journalist of his stature would answer a fantasy by a simple and humble blogger as that of yours truly. I was surprised and grateful for the time he spent to post such long answers....
and the chance to 'know' a little about MLQ3.

Anyway, so much for that. Let's go to the


[*] In the 8 facts about [name], you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. At the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first.
[*] Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
{*] At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
[*] Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

But just the same here are 8 nonsense facts about yours truly:

1. I love to eat! Maybe you see me post something about food, drinks [non-alcohol for me!] and fruits and all that! Well, I really love 'em guys and I indulge myself sometimes. But mostly, I cook them myself. Nowadays, I prefer my cooking than eating outside ....except of course, if I am dining out to a "real" resto, then anyone can force me to.....Oh-la-lah!

2. I love to travel. I have seen around 80% of this country I live in (except Hokkaido and the islands down south)....and a good 80% of Inang Bayan as well!
Japan is beautiful, no one can deny that! But to say the Philippines isn't is far from right. Inang Bayan is astounding and different! And I'd always choose Inang Bayan to spend my sunset years, no doubt about that!

3. I am a fast reader. I love books and I can finish a book by one sitting! Unfortunately here, I don't have much collections since ordering English bestsellers heretakes enormous time...and hassle! And I don't use my CCs in the iNet!

4. I water so many times a day! I can finish more than 2 liters a day....that is, aside from the fruit juices and some couple of cups of coffee I have from time to time!

5. I adore the Japanese Sweet Corn! The very reason I posted an entry about it here some years back....and retained the memory by posting the picture on the side bar.
I can eat as much as five ears a day...while surfing the net, that is! I have to get up early and drive the long roads that lead to that tiny village by the hills. In these parts, that is where you get the best among the best! It is not only juicy, but the sweetest one I have ever gobbled! Nothing beats that!

6. I love to tinker in the garden: be they in MManila or in this place I now call my temporary home! I usually do my thing early morning or late afternoons, when the mighty sun is still far away. The only time I don't do gardening is when I am away from both....I posted some flowers/trees here....

7. I am scared of heights! I don't know...but whenever I go traipsing in the woods in my Father's hometown here, I can't seem to cross over those hanging bridge. I can't even go onboard those ferris wheels in Fiestas in Manila. As long as it is enclosed, like airplanes and helis...I think it's OK, but those rollercoaster rides? No, Thank You!

8. I am a Cry-Baby, dude! I easily cry over simple matters. I cry when someone is hurt, or die, or treated unfairly! I cry when the drama thickens in a TV series, or a tear-jerker of a movie! I cry when a song hits me right through its lyrics and chords.... and I cry everytime I see people's right being trampled upon in a situation where tyrants reign! I also cry....whenever I see Nature at its best: the vibrant colors of Autumn....or the Snow-capped Mountains in our midst....or the Cool Blue Waters of the verdant seas!

AND NOW I tag 8 others....(I wish I can come up with 8 dears....) for this TAG-GAME to prosper.... and I tag the following:

1. Soleil -
2. Alitaptap -
3. Yuko -
4. Ellen Tordesillas- Life Worth Living
5. Ely- da Playboy!
6. Edward-
7. Reyssie-
8. Chinita


mschumey07 said...

So many things we have in common. A true family indeed.

Cory said...

I never imagined that....
At least, pareho interests natin!

eagle wild said...

Love and Light are awesome to feel and behold
Dual elements worth more than gold
Tagging sounds to me very alien
Like a dandelion growing in early spring.

Blogging is venture just budding in springtime
Still growing wings in my mind
Adrift in a meadow of bloggers
Bereft of nectar to share among flowers.

Cory said...

Dear Eagle that soars up the sky....
Tagging is not new if you only listen why
Been tagged before in games of old
Doncha remember? Those days gone old!

Kaya mo yan, Ginoong Alitaptap;
Gaya ng paru-parong dumadapo sa bawa't bulaklak
Kaya't wariin na at ito'y subukan
Nang malaman namin kahit kaunti lamang!