Wednesday, July 25, 2007

House of Comedy

The House opened to vote their Speaker early Monday and
most first-termers stared in awe.....
not because the spectacle was something worth emulating....

The first-termers sat uneasily in their seats and stared
as shouts of older lawmakers demanding to be recognized by the
presiding officer, whose legitimacy they were questioning.
This was compounded by cheers and jeers from a partisan gallery.

Some writers say it's democracy at work,
but for most neophyte members of the House,
the shouting and the bickering leans more on the
palengke side of the House of Crocodiles.

Passions were at a high pitch as the debates that started at 10 a.m.
showed no sign of a clear result at past 2 p.m. They rose even higher
because of apprehensions of not having a House leader by the time
gloria arroyo was to deliver her supposed State of the Nation Address at 4 p.m.

As soon as House Secretary General Roberto Nazareno
ascended the rostrum, members of the opposition and
of the Garcia camp rose and filled the plenary with shouts of
"Mr. Presiding Officer! Mr. Presiding Officer!"
----precisely to question his serving as such.

Nazareno, you see, is known to be close to De Venecia
and the opposition and the Garcia camp, had wanted someone else
to preside over the amendment of the House rules to pave the way
for a secret vote for the new Speaker.

But the majority that favored De Venecia voted down the motions of
Garcia's supporters to do away with Nazareno. But of course! These
sanabagans have the numbers!

BTW, why secret balloting in a Chamber voted by the people?
Isn't is secret balloting is only applied to the people's direct choice?
When assembled inside the Chamber, isn't it logical and legal to use
viva-voce instead? What happened? They og top their usual way, don't they?

Parang kanila na ang Bansang ito! Sanabawitz!

Then there is the speech delivered by gloria.
With her shhhhz and schsss...and all those shhhhitsssss!
What happened? Did gloria had one cognac too many?
Or is her lisping a natural phenomena?
I guess those two front teeth protruding doing their work again, ei!?

Now that's supposed to be a joint House Convention of sorts....not a circus, guys! Unfortunately, for this Country,...
................and for so many years now,
the Circus has again began! Whoooooahh!

The House of Crocodiles are fighting each other for the blood of their countrymen!

And at the helm is a swasshhhh---shiiizzzh-mussshhy drunk
who quivers and shouts
as she throws her tantrums before a gallery of her kind!



eagle wild said...

The swassshh and swisshh at the podium reminds me of rattles and hiss of a snake trying to scare but actually deathly scared herself. Talk about the 9000 police propping her up! Such fright invariably piles up on her psyche and will eventually erupt in some way like ... self-destruct maybe?

Cory said...

A SShhhsnake bhites and continue to do sho unlesshhh restrained and caged-ssssssshh.

What!? 9000 men to protect a liar!?
Oh me-gawd! What happened to the Pinoy's sense of justice? Until when shall we be like this: just-tiis till 2010? Heaven forbid!