Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Three Stooges

The recent scenario is disturbing. And I feel betrayed.

The midterm elections' results proved to be a resounding slap to the face of gloria and her men. The people chose most GO candidates as against the well-oiled machinery of gloria's TUTA. The people have spoken: we are sick and tired of this illegitimate people who run the government! And we tried to find guys who will stand for principle.

Some of the GO winners were men I believed in: Alan Peter and Trillanes IV. Despite all odds, Alan Peter Cayetano was elected Senator. Trillanes also ran, and having been accused by the courts due to his involvement in Oakwood, he was not allowed to campaign himself. Yet, still, these two won the hearts of the people who wanted change. But the difference stops there. Trillanes is proving himself to be a man of conviction: he is living up to his words, unlike Alan Peter. And I thought Alan was really great, hence I pushed for him.

The same can be said of Escudero and a kapitbahay: Manuel Villar. I must admit I was really apprehensive of Escudero. He was the son of a marcos crony and thus, never wanted to include him in our list. However, like most Pinoys who wanted change against gloria's moves, I gave in and voted for him. Manny Villar is different. I believed in him since way, way back. He is unbelievable as business acumen is concerned. He has built an empire in Las Pinas and thereabouts. Being a 'southerner' for quite sometime, I simply chose him. Period.

Today, we hear some unholy alliance being concocted behind dark alleys of political corridors. This speaks of dark intents and dark secrets. And I find myself waiting for clear words from those concerned to deny all these, but alas, there are none.

All these for the position now at stake in the Senate.

Villar is running again for the Senate Presidency. So with the veteran Aquilino 'Nene' Pemintel, Jr. Thus, the problem begins.

It seems that there were Opposition winners who never were hiding behind sheep's clothing. The dark goats were there, all along! This brings to the open the names Cayetano, Escudero and Villar, himself to the fore. These three have formed an agreement to join forces with the administration senators to put Villar as President of the incoming Senate. It appears that Villar promised juicy committees to people who will support him. Of course, we are talking of the committees in the upper chamber and they mean budgets counting in millions: money, moolah, dinero ad infinitum, not to mention the power these positions wield as far as investigation, confirmation and other "assistance" they could muster.

Ambition is good, but when ambition gets tainted with personal interests, then it begins to corrupt everyone. Villar never denied his ambition to run in 2010. The same is true for Escudero, whose name has been whispered as gunning for the VP slate. Of course, all senators are qualified to do so, as well, but most have been discreet. Villar's name have been floated since before he ran in the last elections.

Using the Senate Presidency to gain more mileage is a must, I know....BUT to jump ship and form an alliance with arroyo IS THE wrong move. This news made me realize Villar was a mistake! The same is true with Escudero and my, oh my! >...Cayetano! These three stooges suck!

Sayang kayo! You've just branded yourselves traitors, and sit with the old hags of the Senate: brenda, inkorporeyted.

A great number of us may just be observing, but we shall remember what you do and say. The Filipino electorate may no longer be fooled. No, not this time.



eagle wild said...

There is always the glint of silver
Walking down the corridors of power
One can find strange bedfellows
And invariably end up with arroyos

Cory said...

Yeah....lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ng mga gahaman, nang dahil sa pera at Power! Hay naku!