Friday, July 06, 2007


In almost everything we say and do, there is always looking after. Not checking things out would spell disaster in more ways than one. This is best observed in the smallest unit of society: the Family.

A couple look after each other. Soon, when the stork arrives, the parents look after their children. This goes on until the children themselves grow old and make their own families. It doesn't stop there. It can go on till the children's hair turn grey.

Looking after the eldest was quite a job. Parents must set the rules straight and solid, so the next kid would just follow the `leader.' Then the rest would be smooth-sailing. But of course, parents need to follow up, lest the rules break somewhere along the way.

I remember my Mother used to say:
"My son is my son, until he gets himself a wife. But my daughter's my daughter until the rest of her life."

I used to think: maybe she is just patronising me. You know, those kind of words Mothers say to their daughters so the daughters would likely care for their Moms in their old age. Little did I know that the care and Love a Mother gives to her children, be they sons or daughters goes on until after the parents say goodbye.
On second thought, my Mother must have been a little jealous when my brothers got married and established their own nest. Perhaps she longed for the usual hugs and kisses my brothers used to do. Oh well....

But then I stayed with my parents until the last bachelor eloped. It was then that she said those lines to me. The very same time I decided I wouldn't leave her. It turned out that she did, earlier than expected.

Nothing can compare to what our parents must have done to bring us up in this world.
I can just imagine how parents spend sleepless nights mulling on ways and means to relate, or that IN-word commonly used these days= "bond" with their children.

God must have had His purpose why He took my parents away that early....but this much I know: God in His wisdom gave me my parents and I couldn't ask for more. I learned to know my parents and with that short period, I learned to know and love them. Nothing ever compare with the Love they gave us.

Tinkering on the PC keys, look what came out!

Father And Mother I Love You


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