Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four Years After Oakwood

This midget must really be dreaming!
After her SONA which was purely fantasia-land speculations....
(I luv Neal Cruz' column today! =GMAland vs.the real Philippines)
here's the latest news in this part of the World: gloria's Enchanted Kingdom!

RP asks Myanmar to release Suu Kyi by ASEAN anniversary.....
The Philippines appealed Thursday for Myanmar to release pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi by November, when the Association of Southeast Asian Nations marks its founding anniversary.

Yet they haven't cleaned their backyard yet with the killings, the lying
and the cheating including the numerous disapppeared, prominent of which were the two UP students who were taken along with a farmer in Bulacan, and consider Jonas Burgos who was abducted and dragged in April. No news yet, no body found as of this moment.....

Release all political prisoners, then! Those who dare oppose arroyo and her men!
Release Trillanes and let him do his work at the Senate! Release Erap, who is the rightful President of the Republic, having been truly elected by the people until "something happened" in 2001.

Release them ASAP...before ye dare say that and make pleasant copy to international press. Pa-Pogi points? The world already knows!

And, speaking of Jonas Burgos' case....was it coincidence that the CA court Bluiding got burned and those 'important records' burned? Sniff-sniff....something fishy?

I am thinking...there are a lot of things happening in Inang Bayan that can compete with Ripley's Believe -It-Or-Not trivia. Look, Bedol collected the CoCs...then he claimed it got lost! Then there's joc-joc who went a-missing with all the funds used up! Same thing with garci. These people never run out of jokes, man!

And, lest we forget.....
In the predawn hours of July 27, 2003, more than 300 military officers and men seized the Oakwood apartment-hotel in Makati City, protesting corruption in government and demanding the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The mutiny failed and the mutineers landed behind bars. Most of them have pleaded guilty to a lesser offense or entered into a plea bargain. But several dozen have opted to go on trial, believing in the justness of their cause.

Four years hence, the Magdalo spokesman, Antonio Trillanes IV... is now a member of the Senate, having been elected by more than 11 million voters from all over.

Yet the fight is far from over. Most of those detained gave way, simply because that is the game gloria wants to play! She simply wanted to coerce these people to cave in and thus, achieve the last hurrah: 'O! Kita nyo na!? Eh di sumuko rin kayo!'....complete with that sneer that only glue can muster!

People cannot blame these men for doing Oakwood. They believed in something and thus, made some move towards change.....while most of us looked, and did nothing.

Even as we speak, AT4 is still in jail, although his colleagues in the Senate has made appeal for the court to allow him to attend sessions in the Chamber.

Meanwhile, all the 'core officers' as the military people describe them, still awaits the long arm of justice to do its will....and their lives are wasted....with no work, no salary, no nothing.

....And as far as AT4 is concerned, he awaits the decision of the court if he be allowed to do his new job as Senator of the Republic.

Let's just hope justice don't fail them as they find their way through gloria's enchanted kingdom.

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