Friday, July 06, 2007

GMA to Team: Do or die!

Today's headline says:

"GMA to economic team: Meet targets or lose jobs"

She should have added:
"......while me and my men go out and traipse, gallivant,
and squander the loot!"

The nerve!

Gloria's men includes the greedy crocs who inhabit
the House of Crocodiles
who feed on the blood of their countrymen
and care for nothing at all except themselves.

Same is true with those who work for her so
she can stay in office illegaly, that is.
gloria's men must do it or they die.
When gloria goes, they all go with her hell!

All these they do, despite the desperation in the hearts of the
ordinary Filipino Common Tao who have to survive a day by eating twice
or is it once (?) a day, or if luck strikes, three times.

One question that lingers in the people's mind, though:
Does gloria truly believes she has the right to squander all these?

The country is being run by duplicates of all kinds.
Duplicates who can turn colors as easy as changing one's inner wear!
You sanabawitz! I hope to God your balloons blow up.

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