Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Heat and All Those Sweat!

Officially, it' summer in the Land of the Rising Sun, and,
amidst the rains, and typhoons that come visiting
during these months,the summer heat are known to be unbearable.

Summer months here are notoriously hot and mushy,
which can lead to a range of health problems.
Summer fatigue leaves people feeling tired, lethargic and/or
sleep-deprived. Many people lose their appetite and
become irritated, while others suffer
digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation
and/or giddiness...not to mention the onslaught of
those that attack the feet: those watery-thingy-yucky ones!

Summer fatigue refers to a condition brought on by prolonged
exposure to the sweltering summer heat, but these days summer fatigue
starts early even in late June for some people, because of
sudden changes in the weather and freezer-like air conditioning
in trains, buses and buildings.

A lot of people can tolerate the change of temperature
between 5 degrees C. at a time, but during summer, the difference
could jack up to as high as 12-15 degrees at most!
And these conditions should not be taken lightly,
according to doctors.If left unattended, it can
lead to dehydration, cramps and heat stroke.

And what do we do to avoid such conditions?

*-Wear light Clothes.They have this crepe-shirts that
goes easy on the skin. Light on the washer, too!
*Bring a cardigan, in case you feel
cold inside air-conditioned rooms.
*Turn coolers down. Saves the earth, as well!
Study says that coolers are the culprits, sometimes!
*Get enough sleep. If you can't, then turn on the cooler for a while. Using the cooler throughout is one cause of summer fatigue, too.
*Exercise regularly.People who can sweat effectively are less likely
to suffer from fatigue because their bodies are better conditioned
to accommodate temperature changes. Regular exercise can prepare
people for that. It also helps them build stamina to survive the summer.
*Eat three meals a day. Summer vegetables like eggplants, tomato and cucumbers (God is really great! He timed these veggies & fruits
for summer!
)contain antioxidants that help protect against
ultraviolet light. Local summer fruits such as watermelon and pears
are rich in the minerals that are lost due to perspiration.
Summer tangerine rich in potassium and magnesium, is also good
because its citric acid helps people recover from exhaustion.
The key, however, is not to gorge on any particular food item
but to -eat a little bit of all of them-.


Better still, try those cold soup...similar to those served in French Dinners
during the summer season. Don't forget to cool them first before serving.

Take Care now......

and don't get yourself under the sweltering sun!

Use a parasol,...or those sombreros.... for your own sake!

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