Monday, July 02, 2007


Japan's Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma has offered to resign to take responsibility for his controversial remarks about US atomic bombings of Japan in 1945.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr Kyuma expressed his intention to resign to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Mr Abe accepted this.

Mr Kyuma triggered criticism for saying on Saturday that it is his understanding that the atomic bombing of Nagasaki brought the war to an end, and it was something that could not be helped.

It's worlds apart from what is happening in glue's "Enchanted Kingdom!"
His men have oftentimes blundered and erred.....including the master cheat herself, but nowhere can we find resignations or giving up borrowed powers, regardless if the entire populace raise their howls.

Hay naku!


eagle wild said...

In a world where people are preoccupied with looking where the next meal will come from, there is hardly, if ever, any sense of honor and delicadeza on people's self esteem. Pinoy bureaucrats and office holders realize these preoccupations only too well which gave them the audacity to rob the people in broad daylight - rob them of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without fear of retribution and without any sense of guilt. Unless the citizenry will rise in protest, the country is open season for plunder.

Cory said...

Sad, but true.
Everyone knows what these politicos are doing.....yet, nothing happens....which makes these TRAPOs think they have the license to rob the people. I hope our Kababayans do something sooner rather than later.