Wednesday, August 01, 2007


BLOGGING makes my day. It's like my first cup of coffee in the morning. I need Coffee to perk me up and make me alive. The same can be said of my blogging.

SINCE I got hold of my laptop, I've been bewildered by the iNet. I wander from News to Tools and in-between them. I love to read. Makes me think....but found out later that not all are worth reading, dude!

THERE are sites where news are a-plenty! Lots of know-how are posted and I just couldn't have enough of 'em! I wish I can remember them all, but alas! Anyway, I just
book-marked them all, for future reference.

NOT to be outdone, Blogs have mushroomed, too! Most are free blogs, (of which, mine belongs!) And when I read them, I am welcomed to a variety of genres as many as the stars in heaven. Some blogs are worth mentioning; some are not. Some are political, where others sway to the diary-like entries and then we are allowed a glimpse of the private and the emotions. Some entries are funny and tickle the readers.

READING made me think...and think better, I suppose. Not all we read are true, of course! I adhere to that line of thinking. Some blogs made me laugh and some made me wonder. Others made me stay away, especially those black humors and weird entries.

SINCE blogging has become "normal"....or shall we say, regular, most surfers were allowed to leave comments. Others need to be members and that led me to start my own. I'm glad I did! It made me feel better, since my blog became my punching bag, whenever i find something amiss. This blog became my friend, when I needed someone to talk to....even in the dead of the night. I need not bother to call my relatives or firends. I have someone right here.

I DON'T care if people read my entries. It just makes me feel happy and great to see some "creations" I made. I have had many things in my mind that I want to put in print. I have lots of stories stored in my PC that has not seen print. These stories as told by my Parents on what led them to be together and all those. My feelings and views on how people acted and reacted at one point in my life....

THERE are so many things to many things to write....IF only I can find the patience to sit and write them all! Some may not see print here (privacy issues) but I hope I can leave something for my family to read when the time is ripe.

I'VE been posting comments here and there, that is, when time and opportunity permits. Loaded with work and maintaining a house with a ward to look after, I must say I find wandering in the iNet a wonder and a respite in my hard day's work.

WHILE surfing the net the other day, I found some posters at MLQ3's blog who were outrageous in their comments.

I read the whole exchanges and found some familiar names. I thought I'd post a reply but the better side of me made me stop and rest a-while.

SOME poster/visitor in MLQ3's place were saying some unsavory remarks against another blog. It appears that these posters were banned from Ellen Tordesillas' blog. And they were venting their anger in Manolo's.

IMO, I find Ellen Tordesillas' blog quite different from Manolo's in the sense that Ellen posts her articles in them. Manolo reads different blogs and from there, he blogs. His articles which appears in various papers are just mentioned in passing. He normally mentions blogs worth reading, thus making some sort aof free "ADs" for them.
Mine was mentioned a couple[?] of times before, and I must admit I was tickled pink!

ELLEN's blog is hard-hitting and direct to the point: a style which made me take second a look and post some comments. Lately, it has boomed and readership hits have gone high that I find it difficult to access the blog. Regulars claim that the 'arroyo brigade' have been working to regulate, even bar others from making comments.

MANOLO's blog may sway and play, not that hard-hitting as Conrado de Quiros'....but analyzes and makes his point with all those references and back-up data to boot. Sometimes, he uses words and terms that is totally alien to me (pardon my ignorance, but am still learning the way of the dragon, Man!)...which behooves me to consult Mr. Webster first. Over all, his is the wisdom one aspire for.

IN my mind and in my heart, I like to read both, but lately, accessing Ellen's have been quite difficult for me. I must confess I am an impatient lot, and if I can't access one site in one, two, even three hits, I usually cease and go on the next. MLQ3's blog at times have access problems, but is soon remedied at the second hit.

NO two things are exactly the same. Some qualities are found in one that is sorely lacking in the other. But just the same, I can't let the day pass without even taking a peek in almost all blogs listed in my dreams.


mschumey07 said...

Sana coffee tayo soon. Its useless to sometimes debate with others, lalo na kung wala silang pakialam sa sentiments nung iba. You are right, lets not stoop to their level. We have our friends to banter with, we don't need them.

Cory said...

I'd love that! Hope to travel soon when work is lessened....

Debates are good and I love to look and lurk....
But when the hitting goes derailed, and aspersions beyond control, it is best to let go and be on your own.