Sunday, July 15, 2007

BRACE YOURSELF: the storm is coming!

The dark sky said it all. The rains kept pouring
and Typhoon Number 4 made landfall in the southernmost part
of this country. But back in Inang Bayan, the gloom was
characteristically the same. And the tainted
COMELEC proclaimed another Miguel: Zubiri, that is.

Bittersweet victory? Or is it just bitter?....and never sweet?
Either way, the people knew that the young Pimentel was winning,
until they counted Maguindanao's ballots.

He eventually overtook the number counts and, guess what?
We expected that! What this people would do just to gain power, ei?
Just like the old hag. Like his master before him, they both used
their connections only this time, it's not "Hello garci!"
but "Hello, bedol!"

And today, people who go against the tide and say anything against her majesty from her enchanted kingdom, will be branded a communist! Sounds like the 50s USA,or even Kremlin, and the Gulag!

So much tampering, so many violations, so many killings and the disappeared, so many lies! This is the legacy this fake administration will definitely leave the country plundered doubly, no...many times over since Estrada was booted out from his legitimate seat by the Pasig.

The sky is hazy.

The rainclouds amass overhead.

The future is bleak.

Brace yourselves, guys....for

The storm is coming!

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