Saturday, July 21, 2007

Human Goldfish :

Swimmers perform like gold fish in a large fish tank
during a preview of the Muscle Musical at a Tokyo theater.

I like fish tanks, or aquariums.
They give balance to things on this earth.
Be it the home or in the workplace......
I love to look at the fish swim here and there.

The graceful movements of tamed sea creatures and divers of the
human kind always convey that peace and serenity in my book.
Gazing at the aquarium always bring me that calming effect quite
similar to the calm one experiences when snorkelling or scuba diving
under the great blue sea.


eagle wild said...

You have the eye for artistry in the aquarium! That is a giveaway of the profundity of your thoughts and the versatility of mind.

Cory said...

Ang ganda...but I can't fathom the words, my dear....

I just write what I think....wrong tuldok and grammar, included!

I just luv to look at good things.....maybe that is why I keep lookin at you?


eagle wild said...

I luv that-all you want look at me
While I feast my thoughts on you
The love you hold on life's journey
Lights my way the whole life thru

Cory said...

I luv to look at you alright...
but not the way you think!
I luv to look at the thoughts within
That trancends oceans and the great divide!