Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remember The Wolves!

The GO as a group may retire for a while, but the goals it aimed to accomplish has been made
---says Mr. Tamayo, GO spokesman.

Did it? Look what is happening now!

These sanabagans have not been sworn yet,
but look at them gyrating to the pied piper who dangles her sweets!

I voted for Villar; But look where he is now:
he sings a different tune and dances with the wolves we hoped so well to stop.
I feel I was duped.

I believed in Cayetano, but am now thinking if my votes were really 'sayang'....

Escudero was farthest from my mind, but becoz he was with GO,
I thought, 'Why not?'

All these for naught!

Never again!

I have heard these words said over and over again in the past. But we often do not recognize that the words have become hollowed and that we ourselves allow these people 'to sit at our table' and feed on our blood (taxes)! We must remember!

As the electorate has been awakened, thanks to that stinking mole by the Pasig, I am sure we shall overcome all these hulabaloo soon. The people will remember what they say and do, and the sooner they shed their true colors, the better for us to think. Not all who come in sheep's clothing are gentle lambs; most of the time, they are wolves who long to go to their pack again, and again, and again! That, we must remember!

Lest we forget, it is time to remind one and all that there are a lot of lowlifes who would do anyything to gain power. They belong to the same power-grabber who can never satiate their lust to stay in power. And we know the reason why. Most have set their sights on 2010....and that, is exactly WHY we must remember!

Remember the wolves in our midst!

They are bound to eat us with their sweet howls.


eagle wild said...

There is always a silver lining with wolves and thieves. They have aspirations to become president and therefore kill the pretender's ambition to squat forever.

Cory said...

Sad, but true....
where is this country going?
The country is being run by wolves.
The country's sinking.....