Thursday, May 31, 2007


MIDWEEK had the first TU candidate to concede. Mike Defensor said:
he was dropping his Senate bid “to enjoin my allies and friends who may want, in their desire to have me win, commit acts inimical to the essence of democracy and fair play in an electoral battle.”

ANYONE who has the common sense to read between the lines knows little Mike's message is clear. Goodness, he knows and admits it, albeit indirectly, but the message is there: loud and clear!

HE knows that there are 'magical moments' in there as long as the price is right!
HE is suggesting that there are backdoor anomalies his allies are capable of, just what the Opposition have been saying that there is something anomalous in the Maguindanao elections.

ALL these, the entire nation now knows!

YET nothing is being done to rid the election body of all these manipulators.

WHY can't we do anything about it?!

BETTER STILL, why can't the COMELEC do its own clean up?

THE ANSWER is clear: the COMELEC cannot do anything.

Either it is beholden to the 'fake' one or it is littered with 'brilliant manipulators' whose numbers are up for sale to the highest bidder.....just like Garci.

The discovery of those calls made waves, but after three years, the shenanigans are still working inside the COMELEC. And the manipulators still do what they do best.

THE whole thing stinks!

LIKE it or not, these people will continue to bring down trust and take the COMELEC with them.

UNLESS something/someone good puts a break on all these.


eagle wild said...

I am amazed at how well you read Defensor between the lines.
You are "killing him softly with your words ..."
Don't let your crystal ball go dim. Cheers!

Cory said...

It's not only me, eagle wild....

It seems I am the last to say that on blogsphere.

And crystal ball is as crystal as ever!