Monday, May 21, 2007


Popular Text-message sa Pinas.
It made my day, and I wanna share the chance to laugh
in the midst of all these news that there is a replay of
cheating in Inang bayan.


Si Chavit.... sumaVIT.

Si Pichay, pinulot sa Kangkungan.

Si Sotto, naBULAGA!

Si Pacquiao, na-Knock Out!

Si Oreta, Na-boom tarat tarat!

Si Montano, na-outSHINE!

Si Defensor, napuTOL!

Si Lito Lapid, BINAYout!

Si Goma, na-FLAT!


eagle wild said...

Did you know that 'Brenda' Defensor made a bet to the media that if the moneyed candidates lose, she will 'resign'? Well... I think it's time to collect the bet. Ask her when will she resign ....

mschumey07 said...

And her response would be, I LIED, hahahaha..... She's done this before and yet she's still unfortunately for us, in the senate.

Cory said...

eagle wild,

No one seems to care....



Who would believe a LIAR? But I guess the Legislature is dominated by Liars: BIG and small!