Thursday, May 17, 2007


Eleksyon-2007 will be remembered,
in so many ways, as "special" in the history of Inang Bayan.

WHY is that? may ask.

It made people who have lost hope in our electoral process
to choose leaders in our country to trust again,
as long as VIGILANCE is there.

I, for one, felt hopeless when people in my area
prepared their ballots and sent them
via express mails to the Embassy.
I thought, 'malaking dayaan na naman ang mangyayari.
Baka may humarang lang sa mga balotang ito,
sayang naman!
....I thought.

Thanks to people who never stopped being there*
looking after the concerns of Pinoys in this part of the world....
until all ballots were counted, canvassed and totalled
in the Land of the Rising Sun. Special mention to Ms.YukoTakei
who, despite her being a Japanese citizen has her heart cry for
Pilipinas, still!

Although the result ended up with Pangil-inan leading,
I must say that GO got the most numbers here. I had the impression that results tell us that
most electorates have matured in their choices.
They, too need to express their sentiments against
a regime that has been abusive since Day-1.

Another thing: the initial result from Metro-Manila have set the trend.
The opposition garnered most positions at stake in the area.
This is clear indication that our Kababayans have had enough
of mrs. pidal et al.

The same trend is reverberated in almost all areas in the country.
Even pakyaw is silent, a far cry from his smiling presence on
radio, TV and the papers.

And this is no joke:
manny was KO'd by a 90-pounder Darlene in Cotabato!
OK ito!

Same is true in Muntinlupa, where the young Biazon edged 'Dong' Puno
and put a 'Ding' on the latter's try for the lone district. Tapos ang laban!

So far, so good. Huwag lang magmilagro si hambalos, ayos!

Kudos to all who made watch the canvassing and the local counting of ballots.
Not only here, but in areas where their presence are needed:
especially those who risked lives and limbs to set the record straight:

Salamat Po!

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