Wednesday, May 09, 2007


LIKE DAVID who dared fight the bold Goliath, the Genuine Opposition and other Kapatiran Candidates must be vigilant as far as the counting of the election returns is concerned. This is to ensure that all numbers are reported without fail, unchanged and untarnished on into the canvassing of votes.

THE LOWER level, that is, the first stage of counting in the Precinct Level isn't much the problem. I have had the chance to witness first-hand the counting/canvassing of votes there so many times in the past. These teachers, especially in Manila are really doing their jobs. These teachers are always at risk to finish their duties as members of the election precinct they are assigned to, although no one seems to care.

THE BIGGEST cheat could be in the transmission of digits from the Provincial, Municipal Level on to the National Level. This can very well be manipulated by the hands of the devil as was done in previous elections.

TAKE THE canvassing of the February election in the last days of the marcos regime. Remember the walkout of those brave souls who can no longer stomach the rampant and aggressive cheating done by the dictator's henchmen? We need honest men and women like them who can stand on their own and call white white, and define black black! We do not need crocodiles in our midst. No need for a 'Hello garci' repeat!

PEOPLE MUST never lose their faith in the Filipinos. Never say die! There are still millions out there who want change now. Let us all change the deteriorating Pinoy image with something we can be proud of. There are Pinays all over the world who feel they must work elsewhere because of the current situation in the country.

MY LOLO often wonder why we can't change arroyo. He and others like him are aware of the situation in Inang Bayan. Apparently, Pilipinas is being monitored by the international community. One would wonder why there are always international `observers' every time we conduct elections. Can you guess why?

BE A DAVID against the daunting GOLIATH of this regime. They can have the machinery: the guns, the goons and the gold. The military men are ordered to cheat for the CHEATs! They use the people's money to run the election. Even the unconfirmed Secretary of Justice, that Gunggungzales has been saying he'd give each Barangay Captain in Iloilo PP10,000. each if they can deliver a TUTA sweep there.

BUT AGAINST all odds, we can have the votes and the numbers we need to oust a well-entrenched corrupt TRAPOs here and now.

VOTE for conscience.

VOTE with your heart.

VOTE for the future.

VOTE clean!

GO and VOTE, Kababayans.....

Our country needs all of the Davids in us......

Don't let Inang Bayan down!

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