Saturday, May 26, 2007


The election is almost over, with Lanao and Maguindanao about to be counted....

and here we are, fed with more lies!

Who would dare do that, except the master liar herself,

the one they call President....

the one who cheated her way to Malacanang.

The signs are there:
*The snail-paced counting, the manipulation of numbers, thanks to the Comelec Chair and Malacanang lapdog;
*the use of the military to intimidate, manipulate the masses and articulate their presence as mere 'helping the poor' well as
*the machinery that spent billions of pesos guessed it right!...from the coffers of the People of this Nation.

Who in his/her right mind wouldn't notice?

The signs are clear. It tells us the people, who lied and who is lying, still.

While the Nation awaits the proclamation of the winners in the Upper House, the Lower House assured the power-grabber of their strength in numbers.

And the people will have to endure the next three years [or is it more?] of gloria's lies!



eagle wild said...

The signs and evidences of poll fraud and cheating are all there for the people to see, but the enchanted queen does not know that she is naked.
BTW, I like the view from desk - very pleasing to the eyes and comforting to the spirit. //Luis

Cory said...

Sadly, yes....She denies everything, from the smallest to the biggest. She can't reconcile the fact that SHE is a biggest LIE Pinoys ever had!


Cory said...

eagle wild,

I can't post a comment in your blog. Why is that? Member ng team lang daw ang puwede.

eagle wild said...

Try it now, toranoko ... changing blog settings can be confusing at times.
BTW - what mean ye by masaka?

Cory said...

Yup! I know!....