Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Interviews bring out the best and the worse among people.

The same can be said with the interviews of candidates running for positions,
be it local or national level.

Some grab these opportunities gratis-et-amore. These may be the candidates whom journalists believe to be good choices for the position.

Some well-oiled ones dole out ' payolas ' to please the journalists who are potential backers in broadsheets and tabloids.

Remember, media still plays a major factor for all candidates, big or small.

Common answers are basically similar, in tone and content.
Take this one: "I have big dreams for this province."-so says Christopher de Leon, a neophyte who is running for Vice-Governor of Batangas.

Yes, it's true.... I have always admired de Leon for his roles in the movies. He can deliver his lines well and "pang-Famas talaga!" But I don't buy all the crap that he says.

Same goes with other candidates. There's manny pacquiao saying that he was promised by no less than gloria to get everything he wants for the people of GenSan! Knowing gloria as a "USER" of people in every way she can, who'd believe her? Only manny and his simple mind. What does he know about legislation? Does he know filing a Bill from listening to that bell so he can rest in-between rounds?

Everything they say and do are practiced prodded by their image-makers. Most are rehearsed....or there are idiot boards so they won't get get lost on answers whose Qs have been earlier distributed among the attendees.

Some come out 'orocan' or kung classy, Tupperwares'...if you know what I mean. Remember that woman who lied and lied then one day came out with the '' stuff? Did anyone believe her? I doubt it. That one turned out to be a comedy, pramis! It was spoofed by almost everyone I know......

TRA-POs are like that: they have BIG "DREAMS" for this and that, and all boils to the personal 'dreams' of these politicos.

It's good if they fulfill those 'dreams' for the sake of their countrymen. But a hundred percent of them fulfill their own...only! A couple of years into their tenure and one can see "the difference" in their lifestyle. New houses, numerous cars, private helis, planes, even! And acquisition of multiple-digit bank accounts in the Bahamas and somewhere near the Lake in the Alps, not to mention a string of queridas waiting at plush mansions here and abroad.

To think that what they are stealing are the taxes we pay makes me real angry!


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