Tuesday, May 29, 2007


SUICIDE seems to be the last resort for most Japanese, be they public official or not. The rate of suicides among them is high. It is said that high-ranking public officials who have resorted to suicide has reached seven since the last war.

It is common knowledge that the Samurais of old go through SEPPUKU. This is a ritual to disembowel oneself in a ritual act of HARAKIRI. Harakiri, literally, means to cut [KIRI] the stomach [HARA]. It is done by thrusting a sword thru the stomach area and slashing sideways to ensure they hit the major organs of the body. That way, they can no longer be revived. This was done to save their honor and their family's. I guess the ritual has faded with the advent of the 20th century.

The new generation of Japanese has come up with different kind of killing themselves. Since gun is a total no-no in this country, some have resorted to CO poisoning, that is, staying inside a closed vehicle and starting the engine. Some have used knives, others poison. Still others, like Matsuoka use ropes, or any alternative to hang themselves.

But the recent suicides...there are two, btw, have brought to mind the way Japanese face society. They do not want to be shamed and as such go through the easy way out.

Analysts said Matsuoka's suicide would be a severe blow to Abe, who partly due to the scandal has suffered a sharp decline in public support ahead of key elections for the upper house of parliament on July 22.

Japanese dailies said Abe's insistence on sticking by a scandal-tainted minister was partly responsible for his suicide, and would cost him a political price.

"There is no doubt that this is the most serious crisis since the Abe administration began," the Mainichi Shimbun said in an editorial.

Late Monday, a sullen Abe admitted responsibility, telling reporters: "As the one who appointed minister Matsuoka to the post, I feel responsible for the action taken by a cabinet member."

Japan has one of the world's highest suicide rates, which experts attribute in part to the lack of a religious stigma against killing oneself.

However, the GOOD thing about the Japanese is that they take responsibilities like it is their very own lives. Hence, the suicides.

Can anyone by the Pasig beat that?


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