Monday, May 28, 2007


WHATEVER it is, people in government are supposed to serve.
Here, there, and everywhere.
The only difference is the way these politicians face problems when they are found out.

TAKE a look at this news:

Agriculture minister Matsuoka dies after committing suicide

Japan's agriculture minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka has died after apparently committing suicide by hanging. Government sources say wills were found in his room.
Shortly after noon on Monday, Mr Matsuoka's secretary and a security guard found that Mr Matsuoka had hanged himself in his room at a residence for lawmakers in central Tokyo.

Mr Matsuoka was unconscious and in critical condition. He was rushed to a hospital but pronounced dead at 2 p.m.

Tokyo police say Mr Matsuoka was in the room alone after meeting with his secretary at around 10 a.m. The secretary went into the room to look for Mr Matsuoka because he had failed to appear outside.

Police say Mr Matsuoka hanged himself by hooking a rope on the metal part of a door in his living room. They say he was in his sleepwear.

The agriculture ministry says Mr Matsuoka was supposed to attend an Upper House committee meeting on Monday afternoon to answer questions regarding alleged bid-rigging by a government-related agency.

Mr Matsuoka was first elected to Japan's Lower House in 1990 and is in his 6th term.

Mr Matsuoka was appointed to a Cabinet post for the first time as agricultural minister when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office last September.

But in recent months Mr Matsuoka has been under fire for huge amounts of water and electricity costs claimed by his fund management group although such costs are free at the office, which is housed in a government building.

Mr Matsuoka has refused to disclose the details of the expenses and has repeatedly told Parliament that he has been reporting the expenses appropriately.

Mr Matsuoka was also recently found to have accepted donations from contractors implicated in bid-rigging over projects commissioned by an agency affiliated with the farm ministry.

THIS came after some investigations regarding the bloating bills, and some bid-rigging. He chose the easiest way out. He wasn't able to attend the next hearing at the Diet, investigating him for padding expenses.

THIS is the same the world over. The investigation, I mean.
People in government who continue to make money out of government projects and/or expenditures do so because they feel it is part and parcel of being in government.
Nikita Krushev even said:
Politicians are the same all over. Some promise to build bridges even where there are no rivers.

...Which is contrary to the very label they have: PUBLIC SERVANTs!

THE news reminds me of the usual happening in Inang Bayan.
But then again, politicians in our country are made of a sturdier stuff:
makapal ang mukz.

HERE, when one is faced with his wrongdoings, they 'feel' it and thus, make every necessary move to make amends. A great number take the final trip: commit suicide to avoid the stigma attached to their names. Yun nga lang, the family are bereaved twice over: they will forever be shamed of the father's "legacy". Marami pa ring manipis dito.

PINOY TRAPOs are made of sturdier stuff: makapal....
They wouldn't do that, would they? Kung baga, pakapalan talaga. Palakasan ng apog, sabi nga!

SOME go away for a while: Look at JocJoc...the friend of gloria's husband. He left the country and transferred from one country to another only to land in mainland USA
and was apprehended.... Ewan ko, kung ano na ang nangyari!

AND.....don't forget GARCI. He was nowhere to be found when he was being investigated and surfaced only when he knew he'd be safe. SANABAWITZ!

A great number of TRAPOs even flaunt their riches: Look at Imelda. She acts as if she is God's gift to Pilipinas! ...and Gloria who dared mouth that she received Divine Blessings.

Simply unbelibabol!



eagle wild said...

The TRAPOS have earned their appelation well. Soaked in dirt and dyed with grime- and consider themselves clean smelling under any conditions all the time. When I become dictator, I will install punitive measures such that TRAPOS would rather face death than shame, just like in the land of the rising sun.

Cory said...

And WHEN I BECOME ONE, I will allow the code of Kalantiaw be used again to punish the culprits and the corrupts! Let's see how these people get eaten alive by bees and big ants!