Monday, June 04, 2007


THE RAINY season has begun, and so with the opening of schools.
As usual, Pinoys are haunted with numerous problems enough to make those super migraines stay for good.

There are those school fees, uniform, school things and so on. I still wonder how Nanay reacted when we asked for new school bags or to buy-me-this and -that. Tatay was always spared of those school opening preparations because of his travels, but Nanay? She must have found the task unreal.

The problem is doubled if a family do not earn much. Imagine the horrors of those jobless family men! And even if people send their kids to public schools, the "other" expenses are enormous. Uniforms and pencils and paste and so on....

IT is no doubt, chaos out there especially when rains start pouring in. Honestly, rain in any tropical country like ours is a welcome respite from the dirt and grimes, aside from the irritating heat of Pinas summer, but typhoons? Mama Mia!

TROOPING to the school grounds on the first day of school is practically chaos, but at least, a notch lower than those who voted in the last Mid-term elections. Sa eleksyon, tatanggihan ka kapag wala sa listahan::::samantalang sa paaralan, hindi sila puwedeng tumanggi.

THERE will be wailing and crying, and clinging and shouting, especially when kids wouldn't want to be left alone in a new environment.

SCHOOL authorities would be on hand to accept all enrollees even if the DepEd says
[based on madam's instruction, no doubt!] that there are enough classrooms and teachers on hand. We all know that that is another big lie!

HOW I wish the money she spends in all those junkets abroad be spent to create the necessary classrooms and books, or even some extra free meal for undernourished kids.

IMAGINE the cost of her trips abroad. In Japan alone, here's some firsthand view on that:

It was not a chartered flight to Japan. It was an ordinary PAL flight because it was not an official visit. It was more a private visit and private activity that has nothing to do with the Japanese government even when PM Abe agreed to meet with her on request of the Philippine Embassy. Kaya lang 100 ang kasama at napuno ang first class at business class, pati yata ang economy class for the lower ranking PSG escorts. Still, ang laki ng gastos because they were all billeted at the Imperial Hotel, which is one of the most expensive hotels in Tokyo and the sponsor, Nikkei Shimbun was shouldering only her hotel bills. You're right then to assume that the cost for the others were shouldered by Filipino taxpayers via the Philippine Embassy. Kaya ubos na naman ang budget ng Philippine Embassy and the Filipino community here is again being asked to do some activities to be able to replenish the funds used for this expensive trip of this criminal.

For all you know they have formed a group here called "Philippine Assistance Group" which pays for the airfare, medication, etc. of stranded Filipinos, and they also raise funds for the criminal's so-called "Classroom ni Gloria!"

The reception for the Filipinos amounted to about 10,000 yen per person, and according to my friend at the embassy, the number of attendees reached over 200. 1US$ is 110 yen more or less. Aside from this reception, the criminal also entertained Japanese government officials and private people separately. The least, she had spent for this Japan trip is about 50M yen. Point is this woman has no right to spend Filipino money for her selfish ambition.

GET the picture?

I agree that the money used on those trips along with numerous alalays must be enormous. Sayang naman! Sana ginamit na lang sa Edukasyon ng Kabataang Pinoy para sa Kinabukasan!

NOW I know why we start school every June....when rains begin and typhoons come-a-visiting.... It must be to hide the tears that people shed. Sa hirap ng buhay, maiiyak ka talaga sa inis sa pinaggagawang paglustay sa salapi ng Bayan.

AND to think, she claims that the economy is up and the Peso is strong!

THE reality is in-your-face: the economy is as short as the woman who runs off with the money in her pocket.

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