Monday, August 21, 2006


Waseda Jitsugyo clinches Koshien title
Yuki Saito worked tirelessly on the mound yet again
to lead Tokyo's Waseda Jitsugyo to its first National High School Baseball Championship title after a 4-3 victory over Komadai Tomakomai from Hokkaido on Monday.
It was a glorious victory
after a rematch.
Sunday games went into 15th innings,
but the score remained 1-1.
Sure was ecstatic, for the first time
in so many years
of watching Junior Baseball every summer I have spent here.
My Tatay was a graduate of Waseda
and I feel his jubilation in the Great Beyond....
He sure must be proud!
I also feel the happiness of every Waseda
graduate, student, professor and teachers,
as well as the athletes today
as they celebrate
the hard-fought victory.

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